Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK, listen up! This is your chance to win a ticket to the first ever Ghost Divas Paranormal Slumber Party!

All you have to do is make sure you're following us on Twitter and listen to Ghost Divas Live tonight at 10pm central (that's 11 eastern, 9 mountain, and 8 Pacific) on Supernatural Radio Network. We'll be asking a question and telling you when to answer. The first person to answer it correctly ON TWITTER wins.

We're using Twitter because there's a time stamp and because there's a delay between the show and the chat room.

So if you don't have a Twitter account, go set one up and make sure you're following the Ghost Divas.

The ticket is a $60 value, so this is a really great prize!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Ghost Divas have been trying to set a date for this event for some time now.

It's very hard to get ALL of us in ONE PLACE at the same time.

Just so happens, since we were "uninvited" to an event recently, we ALL have a weekend available and had plans to travel anyway !

So, it works out fantastically!

We will have ticket details up THIS WEEK but until then, check this out.

AUGUST 15th is the date for the FIRST EVER Paranormal Slumber Party!

All women- ALL NIGHT- SLUMBER PARTY in a Haunted B&B!
ALL of the GD's will be at this event. Live webcast.. (maybe)


This is an ORIGINAL Ghost Diva Event- Please do not fall for bogus rip offs or duplicates.
Nobody hosts a slumber party like the Divas!
(PS- we may be coming to a town near you!)

Ghosts, Pajamas, Food, Booze & Haunted Slumber Party games!
No boring lectures or presentations.
All women encouraged to bring EVP's and to share ghost stories!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TAP This...

You know, I have drunk pictures of myself all over the place - hell, I posted several of them just today. But not a one of them would have me taking my panties off so a room full of strange men could do things with them. Are these people even her friends? Or are they just TAPS groupies hanging out at an after conference party? There used to be a video, but it's been removed and these pictures are getting harder to find. Wonder why that is? Oh, maybe because it's FUCKING TRASHY.

Old news, you say? Maybe.

But this is who we got booted for. We were kicked off the bill at an event because THIS girl is too chicken shit to hang out at the same event we're at.

Enjoy - I'm sure she has a ton of knowledge to impart to the world. We hope you all get your money's worth and the event planners makes lots and lots of money and get really famous from rubbing shoulders with her - apparently that's what matters these days.

Hope no one gets cooties...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friendship vs. Business

Business vs. Friendship
Current mood: disappointed
Yes, the Ghost Divas are human and our feelings have been hurt. We feel a friendship that was based on mutual respect has been tossed to the wayside in the name of business and money. We were set up to speak at a conference later this year, where a "big" television name was scheduled to appear after we had been asked to appear. We told the organizers to please realize she probably had ill will towards us and why she may have negative feelings against us. He originally said he spoke with her and said she was fine with all of us being there. It was reported that she said she was a big girl and had nothing to hide (which is obvious from the videos floating around out there). At any rate, the organizers received a phone call from her agent yesterday morning and stated she would not appear on any bill that we were appearing on. So our friends, the organizers, called yesterday morning to fire us. They were quite certain that she was the reason they were selling tickets. Please understand that we understand business decisions, but not this one. We were asked first, we were scheduled first, etc. This is what we thought was a genuine friendship. Instead of finding out the details of what our presentation was going to be on, the paraceleb, the agent and whomever else was inlvolved, just assumed we were going to be bashing on her. No one had that on the agenda. We would have been gracious to her and we would have maybe cracked one joke or two if the atmosphere would have seemed conducive to do so. The joke would not have been mean, it would have been put out there in a fun, spirited way. More consideration should have been put into this decision as to our feelings and our intent. The haters can say this is karma or whatever they want. The fact of the matter is we have been friends for a while. We have been supporters of each other for a long time. The Machine is running the entire paranormal community at this time and we are shocked at this sell out. It is literally a sell out situation. Business is not business to us in this situation. Our feelings should have been taken into consideration. We also know of several tickets that are now NOT being purchased for this event. Beware when involved in this paranormal community that friendship is rarely genuine where popularity, television, and money are involved.