Monday, December 22, 2008

Opinions and Theories; Is that All There is?

We really haven’t any very great amount of data on this subject, and without data how can we reach conclusions? Thomas Edison

How indeed? Another year is set to close and we are nowhere near presenting irrefutable evidence of ghosts and hauntings than we were this time last year or the year before or the year before that. As much as we may like to pretend otherwise, a blinking K-2 meter is not evidence; neither is a triple collar tug, a shadowy figure caught on tape, a psychic’s feelings or electronic voice phenomena…

While we focus on this lack of evidence, let’s also remember that there isn’t any scientific evidence to support the existence of the ego or the unconscious. Is the brain “…nothing more than a wonderful meat mechanism” as Edison said in 1910? Or was Freud closer to the mark with his three part psyche; the id, the ego and the super ego? Are human beings ruled by their primitive instincts and powers? Is our purpose in life simply to overcome these instincts and powers? Are dreams the royal road to the unconscious? Of course, like ghost hunting, and paranormal research; it’s all theory.

But theories are just that and subject to change. Freud’s student, Jung took his teacher’s ideas and expanded on them. Called a mystic philosopher by some and hailed as a scientific researcher by others, Jung saw a collective unconscious (universal mind.) that is a repository of shared human experiences and memories, normally hidden from our conscious. Perhaps some of us are able to tap into the collective unconscious more effectively than others. Is this the reason for Thomas Edison’s inventive mind? Or the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce and the readings he gave while in a trance?

Within Jung’s collective unconscious are four archetypes: the self, the shadow, the anima, and the animus. The Shadow archetype may explain the new phenomena in ghost hunting, demons. As we struggle to come to terms with the Shadow within ourselves we project our unacceptable behaviors—after all it is easier to see the Shadow within others than to see it within ourselves…just look at what the bad demon is doing now…

In his 1917 essay On the Psychology of the Unconscious, Jung described the Shadow as, “the sum total of all those unpleasant qualities we like to hide, together with the insufficiently developed functions and the content of the personal unconscious.”

So those inappropriate emotions we’ve been taught to repress since early childhood, anger, rage etc etc are part and parcel of the Shadow. Dark, dark, dark; rather than look at the evil we are capable of let’s frighten ourselves with the demon and the evil ghost as well.

Opinion, conjecture, theory and whatnot! How much do any of us really know about ghosts and hauntings, and what happens on the other side?
In a November 1926 interview for The Forum, Thomas Edison said, “I do not know that it would help us much if we knew more than we do about what comes to us after this life is ended by death; but there has been advance in other phases of our knowledge and I will not deny the probability of advance in this. At present the Soul’s immortality is one of those things in which man instinctively believes, but about which there is no proof when it is regarded from the strictly practical standpoint. Would proof help us?”

Would proof help us? It’s a damn good question. Would it? How? Further in the interview Edison explains why we don’t have knowledge of what he calls the soul’s immortality. “There are two reasons why we do not possess positive knowledge on the difficult subject of the soul and immortality. Principal of these is the fact that we do not at present know how even to begin investigation of them. Thought in this line has been nebulous and loose. Mathematics, which is the only exact science we possess, cannot be applied to it in any way as yet discovered. The soul apparently is not something to be analyzed by chemists or weigh in scales or photographed, or recorded by any instruments whatever. “

It is interesting to note that the Forum interview took place six years after his interview with Austin Lescarboura entitled Edison’s Views on Life after Death that appeared in the October 30 1920 issue of Scientific American Magazine. It is this earlier interview that people refer to as evidence that Edison was working on a machine to communicate with the dead.

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Carl Gustav Jung

So 2008 is slipping away…And while we have our opinions, our theories and conclusions, we have no evidence…no proof…Perhaps opinions and theories are all we will ever have...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thomas Edison: Did He or Didn't He?

It’s common knowledge among those in the paranormal community that Thomas Edison talked about building a machine to communicate with the dead. Whether or not, it was just talk is still open to debate…In the following quote Edison is referring to his work with the motion picture camera when he says, "I believe that in coming years, by my own work and that of Dickson, Muybridge, Marey, and others who will doubtless enter the field, grand opera can be given at the Metropolitan Opera House at New York without any material change from the original, and with artists and musicians long since dead."

He did not mean that the stage of the opera house would be given over to ghosts but rather that images of the living would remain forever on film. Recently we’ve seen an example with Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight.

Could it be that the inventor was thinking along the same lines for his sound equipment?

Did he have a hand in designing or operating the box that is called the Thomas Edison Telephone to the Dead? Personally, I don’t think so. Just as I doubt that Edison sits on the other side eagerly awaiting his next trans-death communication through the box…IMHO it’s arrogance to assume that any of the great minds, once they’ve transitioned, have nothing better to do than regularly communicate with us. When he was alive Edison was careful who he permitted into his laboratory. According to an article in Modern Mechanix October 1933, his experiment dealing with ghosts was conducted in secrecy with only a few scientists and Spiritualists present. The experiment failed dismally.

Even today decades after his death, Edison’s name adds credibility to the claim of a so called telephone to the dead. Even though Thomas Edison gave interviews in which he claimed to be working on a machine that would communicate with the dead, no prototype has ever been discovered. Nor have any notes that mention the device been found among the millions of his papers. One thing is certain, if Edison had a retinue of attorneys guarding the rights to his the name the way Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley do, his name would probably not be affixed to any so called telephone. Not without costly name licensing that is.

An article in Fate Magazine April 1963 tells of a séance in which Edison was contacted. During this séance, he supposedly told where the prototype could be found…

Though he later denied it, Edison joined the Theosophical Society in 1877. One of the society’s beliefs was reincarnation and Edison had his own particular views on reincarnation.

At age 63 Edison said, “When a man is dead, he is dead! My mind is incapable of conceiving such a thing as a soul. I may be in error, and man may have a soul; but I simply do not believe it."
These words hardly seem like those of someone who was interested in afterlife communication. Granted, they don’t seem like those of a man who believed in reincarnation either. However, eleven years later when asked by a reporter what his thoughts on death were, Edison’s viewpoint seems to have changed.
“We say a man dies. Perhaps, in a sense, the term is accurate when the aggregate which we have called a man ceases to function as an aggregate and, therefore, no longer can be called a man; but the expression is not at all accurate if by it we mean that the life which kept that man at work or play ceases to exist. Life does not cease to exist.
Certainly a man of many contradictions, did he actually build a machine to communicate with the dead? What’s your thoughts?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Telephone Thomas Edison Free; Free Sessions with the Spirit Box

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Working Moms

We live in a curious time. The inauguration of our nation’s first African American president is weeks away, same sex marriages are making headway, and recently the U.S. Army promoted its first female four star general. Unfortunately, in this time of excitement and change, working moms are still getting the shaft.

So this is our salute to all you working moms out there; there is no love more fiercely protective than that of a mother for her child. It is an undying unconditional love that sets us on our life’s path while attempting to prepare us for whatever life might toss our way.
Being a mom is a full time job. There are no set office hours, days off or vacations. If a woman is financially blessed she doesn’t have to juggle the demands of an outside job with her mom job. She can stay home and enjoy quality time with her little ones. She can sing, dance and be silly with her children. She can teach her kids things and witness that first wavering step, the first word, and all the other childhood milestones we moms cherish. The stay at home mom is fortunate. No one, save those who have never raised children, can doubt that the stay at home mom is working.

But there are many moms who must take on the added responsibility of jobs outside the home. And here in the 21st century these women are still looked upon with suspicion. Sarah Palin is an example. Whatever our feelings are toward Palin, no one can deny the questioning of her mothering abilities that came when she eyed the VP position. Here was a woman who wanted to ascend to the second highest position. How dare she? The responsibilities of being a mother were such that she could not possibly do both jobs well, they said.

Leaving Palin in Alaska, let’s look at the less financially blessed. These are the women who work two jobs; the full time mom job and the full time job that puts food on the table. It is not selfish on their part to pull themselves out of bed each morning, get their children ready for their day, and prepare for the eight hour grind that awaits them. They may be professionals, factory workers or service workers; they are working moms spending eight long hours away from their children out of necessity. Hopefully they will not miss that first step, or word. But bills must be paid.

In a perfect world, moms would have the choice of staying home with their children or working outside the home. But here in the real world, they are not given that choice. And so they do what they must. And that is, work outside the home.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mellen can suck it.

OK, so this is the latest rambling of the crazy woman also known as "Simply Mellen". And before you goddamned cry about copyright - I'm crediting YOU with the inane rambling, so suck it.

" Terrorist do you enable them? If so, I WILL find you!!!
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Hola my sweets!

My my my am I grumpy this morning! Woo hooo - must be 'hormones'! Ya know how we women can be.

The last entry I posted was regarding "unity" in the para-community. I thank the hundreds-of-people who read my entry as well as those who either shot me a personal email or the most brave for posting a comment upon my page; however, my intent wasn't achieved so I'm blogging again.

Let's get right back to the start .... seems my bulletins and blogs have been & are continually being forwarded to others under negative pretenses. Mind you, I don't "private" my profile nor my blog writings nor do I discriminate and deny friendships of others based upon their views, religious beliefs, marital status, color-of-their-skin ... so I'm a wee bit confused but whoops then again I'm not, now that I put my thoughts into writing ... people alike hang in packs, so duh, of COURSE there's a culprit or TEN who is 'stabbing' me in the back and sharing my writings without my consent.

SO ONCE AND FOR ALL ... BACKSTABBERS, DELETE ME BEFORE I DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE, which I WILL have no fear! IF NOT, I'll use you as the PERFECT example as YOU'RE the epitome of ALL that's wrong with our para-community! And whoops, I have this big arsed mouth and I just simply cannot refrain. [also, let me clue you in on something -- terrorists are carnivores and they'll turn on you fast as they did me when they realize you're growing tired of their rudeness and desperate cries for attention and stand-up to them -- then *WHOOPS* in a blink-of-an-eye YOU'LL been their "main course" ... but then again, IF you have a low social status which by bashing you won't bring them any glorified attention they so desperately seek, then they'll simply delete you and move-on -- IF YOU'RE LUCKY... if not, you're a wh*re, b*tch, c*nt, mentally ill, call your house anonomously trying to destroy your family with LIES, threaten your kids ... heck, they're so pathetic, they'll even pick on your friggin PURSE, for even IT isn't safe! *maturity at its finest, ey*]

Ok, let's sum it up, shall we. I KNOW someone is sharing my stuff, it's obvious. Whoever you are, kudos to you hope you feel well for being a "player" (although "pawn" would probably be a more appropriate term)! Merry Christmas and Happy New to you! I hope you sleep well at night and get all your just desserts in this lifetime AND the next!

IF ONE HAIR ON EITHER OF MY CHILDREN GETS HARMED, I WILL NOT STOP LOOKING FOR YOU and FIND YOU I WILL!!! Take that piece-of-cake and shove it down your ugly throats! Read me? Got me? Hear me? I mean it!!! DON'T EVER EVER EVER THREATEN MY CHILDREN OR MY FAMILY!

Oh & one more thing I want to clarify -- I'm not a dreamer, life isn't ideal so noooo I don't believe we'll EVER have complete para-peace! We can't for as long as there is hate, hate there shall be! Hitler was a hater! Napoleon was a hater! Bin Laden IS a hater! And what drives haters is the quest for power as hate is the most contagious of all emotions and sadly there are sooo many WEAK people to accommodate such atrociousness it takes flight as if there are no boundaries but alas there is, MY KIDS!!!! Even here in the para-community! How friggin sad considering THIS IS JUST A F*CKING HOBBY YOU MENTALLY ILL FREAKS!!!!

I have to confess, I'm literally SICK of this crap -- how about you?! I'm sick of being picked upon just because I have a love of ghosts and of history! Geez, never realized those were traits to threaten a person's welfare! And boo to you, I've never claimed to be the "IT" girl in the para-community ... ha, tis YOU who thinks YOU are!!!! See, I haven't any podcast, nor do I pen a magazine, ask to be the 'star attraction' at any para-cons, heck I don't even do the 'ghost groupie' crap anymore but alas I'm the "bad" one! Hmm? I simply love ghosts and find watching the scientifically-gifted teach us we CAN detect these fascinations. I guess those traits-of-mine makes the para-community look badly in the public eye .... ya know, my simply finding ghosts and our life hereafter as intriguing but y'all, well, you're vicious and cannot even allow a chick from Indiana to enjoy her love anymore. YOU'RE ALL SIMPLY F*CKING PATHETIC and I FOR ONE am now EMBARRASSED to share with people this love of mine! Ooooh tis not for fear I'll be laughed at or shunned as I USED to be for finding such "taboo'ed" happenings as fun (thank you Jason & Grant for breaking THAT social bread for us) buuuut BECAUSE OF YOU, you vile terrorists!

Unity is a good cause ... I disagree with anyone who claims others wise! I realize we'll NEVER have complete harmony as there will ALWAYS be an ugly, worm-ridden, apple in the bunch buuut even in the bushel you don't see the smaller apples rolling to the big-apple-side-of-the-bushel just to cause drama before rolling back to the "small apple side" of the cart as a player and watch their "work" unfold!

So with that said, I've a lot to ponder - as should you for remember, they're ugly carnivores who despite my KNOWING they'll get what THEY deserve, I'm sick of it all! I think I'm going to take up knitting instead -- far more exciting a hobby. I mean, I'm just saying!

LAST CALL -- EITHER DELETE ME, YOU TWO-TIMERS, OR I WILL SEEK YOU OUT AND MAKE A HUGE SPECTACLE OUT OF YOU!! I've soooo many friends on here, I won't even notice you're gone so do it NOW and not wait as I've this habit of petting snakes lying-in-wait and I've an inkling who you are! So here's where you can PROVE you're brave and noble as you want 'them' to believe, just takes one measly little click and waa laa, you can be proud you did the right thing and I can feel free'er and cleaner to be rid of such trash!

Sorry to the other 99% of my friends for having to read such a negative entry but alas I couldn't hold it in any longer! To you, and ONLY you, I sincerely apologize but beware, I will NOT back-down as I'm relentlessly vicious like that!


Hugs and all that crap ....

Mary Ellen

P.S.: Now that it's a PAID work day, let's see how many terrorists blog in my regard or STEAL this blog from me and color it their own! I soooo hope their bosses discover their sneaky ways! *hint* Oh the day, oh the glory, oh the long-arsed unemployment line they obviously believe they are immune to yet WILL be enjoying! But alas my pretties they aren't! ESPECIALLY when the job they hold is one funded by the government, ya know, the one WE THE PEOPLE fund! "

Firs of you all you whack job, we may be bitches or whatever name du jour you have chosen, but we would NEVER bring peoples' families into this bullshit. We will not talk about your children, who you're fucking, or what STD you may have. NEVER. WE, unlike some people, realize this is not real life even though some people - like Mellen - are ate the fuck up with it.

I have said before, you can call us whatever names you would like or that your empty little head can muster, but you LIE and it will be seen by the masses because WE will post about it. No one even reads your pathetic little blog or comments on it, so we'll make sure it gets seen by our readers. I know people will ask why we even give you the time to respond. We have been ignoring your ridiculous attempts at attention for some time now even though you lie like it's your fucking job. But when you accuse us of doing something illegal, well, it's a whole different story. If you think we have been terrorizing you, you are sadly mistaken. My guess is there are a LOT of other people that have seen what a freak you are and you likely have many other people that think you're nuts besides us. Trust me, YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO US THAT WE WOULD BOTHER CALLING YOUR FUCKING HOUSE.

Also, the cracks about the employment - are you STILL too fucking dense to see that there are SEVERAL of us and we all post at different times and have different schedules. Since you are so brilliant, you do know that interfering with someone's income is called tortious interference, right? You better watch it, chicky.

You have repeatedly made comments about our weight. Let me tell you something, the fact that you are nearly naked on your website and are STILL getting less attention than a bunch of fat women is PITIFUL. You are hack. It's time you realized it and crawl back in your hole, you jealous, pitiful, loser. And that picture made me throw up in my mouth a little, too. EWWW (shivers at the thought).

Friday, December 5, 2008

TAPS decrees it...or else

TAPS Family Member Top Priority
Below is a copy of an email I received today…But before going there, allow me to say…

Years ago, before TAPS became the big stars, heroes and gods of the paranormal; I was friends with Mike. I helped him get his foot in the door at some of the places he investigated in Las Vegas and sent him prospective private residence and members. But somewhere along the way, I lost my glitter. The name Janice Oberding could not contend with TAPS. And so when it comes down to it, we all make choices. Mike made his. Being affiliated with TAPS is top priority. I am a member of the hated Ghost Divas. I dared to speak out against TAPS and the phoney coat pull. And for those who want to keep their heads firmly implanted up TAPS collective asses that was enough to say adios Janice and thanks for the memories. Oh and Merry Christmas Mike. May you always bask in the glory of TAPS, may you always enjoy your coveted status as a TAPS family member.

Hi Janice.
I received a call from Britt Griffith (TAPS family manager) he said that LVPI's status as a part of taps is up in the air. It is mainly the ghost divas and the negativity that they post towards TAPS. It is with regret that I have to let you go as a member of LVPI. You think it is easy for me to do.....It is not. I will always be your friend and if you ever need me for anything I am here.
Take care.
Michael Carrico
LVPI Founder/Lead Investigator/Chief EVP Specialist.
Certified Paranormal Investigator & EVP Specialist
Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations & EVP Research also
email: or
Affiliates of TAPS, AAPI, AGS and Ghost Research International.

Seeing is believing...

Take a look at this picture and the description. It reminded me of what happens all too often in the paranormal community. People are so wrapped in what they "think" they see, they don't see the truth. - Tammy

Strange False Head Photo

posted by Dean Terry
At first this photo seems to be a couple with a large head floating between them. But look again - things aren’t always what they seem.

Most people who look at this old photograph will probably see a large bearded head between the two figures. It looks like an image of Jesus.

You’ll probably think it’s just a crude hoax from bygone days. But look again, carefully. This is not a hoax at all. What the photo actually shows is a child sitting on the man’s knee.

Block out the head’s “hair.” That’s just a collection of foliage in the background. The “eye” is the face the child, shadowed by a large white bonnet. The “nose” is the sleeve of the child’s shirt. And the “mustache” is the child’s arm, bent at the elbow.

Be patient. It may take you awhile to see this.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't Like the Body You're In???

Imagine yourself in an entirely different body..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vigilante 601

A vigilante is a self appointed watchman. He/she keeps watch over a community to see that all is as it should be according to how he/she interprets the law.

Back in the early days of the West there weren’t enough peace officers to go around. So vigilante committees like the 601 were formed by law abiding citizens to enforce the law. The problem was, these vigilantes weren’t above breaking the law in order to enforce it. They were justified because after all, they were the good guys.

Many a person was lynched because the vigilantes determined the law against murder had been broken. Why waste time with a judge, jury and a trial? The 601 were only good guys wanting to keep their community safe and peaceful. If they stepped over the line, they only did so in the name of goodness and decency…Tell it to the poor bastards they left swinging on the end of a rope.

Those loud mouthed hooligans who disturbed the community’s tranquility might not have been hanged, but they received warnings to leave town or else. Or else meant the hooligan had lost the freedom to come and go as he/she saw fit. Not by any judgment in a court of law, not even because he/she was cooling his/her heels in the local jail. The vigilantes limited the hooligan’s constitutionally guaranteed right to liberty in order to maintain law and order and peace and decency. Why not? They'd already denied the man swinging in the tree his.

Historians can surmise some names of the vigilante groups, but not all…Not really so proud of their own lawlessness, the vigilante 601 hid behind anonymity and masks.