Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paranormal Purse Strings

Someone once said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”
Who said it, I don’t know. But the wisdom in those words is obvious. Working a job you love is half the battle; it makes Monday easier to take.

I believe this is one reason so many of us in the field write books, create films, present workshops, put on conferences, accept paying speaking gigs, and etc.. We make a little doing what we love. And what’s wrong with this?

Regardless of the subject, true crime, fantasy, recipes, biographies, horror, is there any writer who doesn’t hope to make money on his/her books? Why should those who write about the paranormal not also hope to make money on their work? Should we pretend to write strictly for our love of the paranormal? Or should we claim we do it only for our art’s sake? Can’t we love the paranormal and our art while also striving to keep our checking accounts in the black?

I’m not a sports fan; could give a rat’s ass who wins the Super Bowl, the World Series or The Stanley Cup. It’s all the same to me. Rah-rah-rah; that said, I see no difference between these players banking millions for engaging in a sport they “love” and a paranormal writer make a few measly dollars off his/her work. Same thing, you work you should get paid.

This applies to all of us in the paranormal being lambasted for making money in the field. Those who are screaming the loudest, I bet you’re a big sports fan. You might even paint your face team colors; wear a block of cheese on your head, or a team color wig. Rah rah rah for the millionaires scrimmaging, the millionaires on the pitchers mound and the moneybags battling it out on the ice. So tell me again, what’s wrong with someone making money in this field?

Perhaps the field could be more like a local amateur poetry group; no one is striving to make money, only to create art for art’s sake…I know ars longa, vita brevis. But still…Yeah I can almost hear Charles Bukowski laughing…

Yesterday I saw a hawk scoping out the back yard for smaller creatures mice and birds. He swooped down, grabbed one in his talons and was gone. A few hours later he was back. Not this time. I was ready to run out there and scare him off. But my husband stopped me. “He has to eat too.”

He has to eat too…So do we in the paranormal. And if we can make money doing what we love, why not?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fear the Reaper? HELL NO Fear the Ghost Divas!

I guess the verdict is in.. people do fear us.

Fear is a secondary emotion, in this case caused by embarrassment possibly confusion.

It's funny to us that people are fearful of who we are and what we have to say about the paranormal field. Those same people are creating the "power" that so many have claimed that we have. We do not have "power" and we never said or even suggested that we do. The HATERS have created the Ghost Divas... not US. We are nothing more than some mouthy women that think outside of the box when it comes to this field called paranormal research. We came about because we were tired of the lack of common sense in this field... instead.. the Haters have created a mecca of information and resources that are handed to us on a silver platter. Why? Because we ARE NOT ALONE. We are not the only ones that believe that stupidity has NO PLACE in the field of paranormal research. These haters have made a mockery out of of our field of research and we, among others will not stop until people start to THINK TWICE before they do something stupid. That is why we are here, this is what we do. We want people to THINK AGAIN before acting like an idiot then turn around and suggest they are something they are not... like a "scientist" or even a "researcher". We are here because we are not simple minded followers like a lot of people in this field. We among others have a voice, and we use it. The rest of the world expects it and they are privileged to it. We are tired of people dumbing down what we do as researchers. If we do not talk about it.... nobody will ever learn anything nor will they be able to process their own thoughts and opinions about subjects of the "unexplained". The Ghost Divas are not set out to be famous, popular or whatever kind of tag people are placing on us. We have a voice, we use it and it's not our fault that people are uncomfortable with it. If you do not want to read... it's simple. DO NOT READ OR LISTEN TO US!

NOTE: ALL of the Ghost Divas are writers. ALL OF US! It takes us a few minutes to "blog" while in turn... it can take you hours maybe days to build a campaign against us. If you are content with wasting time.. go for it. Hope you and your utterly boring life are happy together. It's NOT normal to fixate on the Ghost Divas. If you are... then you are fucking insane.

Dear Ghost Diva Haters of America- Has it even crossed your simple mind that you are giving us power and acknowledgment with every step you take against us? You are giving us power that we did not ask for with every panic ridden moment that you have felt and dealt? Has it crossed your mind that with every "bad thing" you do to us, more people come forward with new information about the charlatans in this field? Dear Haters... You have Created us. So, what the FUCK are you going to do now?

We have had yet another "blog" removed on myspace...ahem, we know which one it was... and it's okay. It's just funny as hell that some people are genuinely "afraid" or "threatened" with us to the point that they will go out out of their way to get things deleted. What are they afraid of? Someone's opinion? Someone does not like what they do or stand for? Some words, on a blog? Seriously.. put on your big boy or girl underwear. We are nothing more than some mouthy dames that like to write/blog and talk to people about their opinions concerning the paranormal. The "haters" have created a legacy for us... we have had nothing to do with it.

Remember- Once people stop talking about you is when you should get nervous. Ask anyone in Hollywood!

PS- thanks to everyone that is adding us back. Yes, we are requesting friends. If you don't want to be our friend... then DENY our request. It's simple :)


This is SOOOO funny!

Monday, November 24, 2008


With Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I thought it might be appropriate to address HATE. In recent weeks we have been accused of being haters and homophobes and racists and bigots. But when Mellen came out with her hate mongering blog and insulted us by suggesting we join the KKK and the Skinheads, it’s time to draw the line.

So Mellen and everyone else who has accused us of HATE, this is for you!

There is no group more reprehensible and vile than the KKK. NONE! To tell you the truth, I assumed they’d all just died or gone away. I was shocked to see the television news special with them spewing their intolerance and racial hatred. I was so ashamed of these people I wanted to cry. Innocent children being indoctrinated into a one color world that harbors only hatred for any but its own kind will become adults with twisted hearts and souls. The rage and bitterness dwelling within these people in their horrible hoods frightened me for the people of color I love and hold dear. My beautiful African-American grandchildren, Aleshia and Kayden would be hated on sight by the KKK. So would my adorable Vietnamese/American granddaughter Lauren and my Hispanic grandson Justin. And other family members and friends, all hated because of the color of their skin. This is the 21st century and things are changing. Maybe it is na├»ve, but I hope the members of the KKK will disband and stop hating. I am not the only Diva with a rainbow family; to even suggest that any of us would join the KKK was perverse and ignorant.

But HATE doesn’t stop with skin color. Witness the recent passing of Proposition 8 in California. How dare anyone tell two people they cannot fall in love and get married like the rest of us? One of my friends is the best psychic you could ever hope to encounter. He knows his stuff. He truly does. More than once, I’ve been amazed by his accuracy. He is kind, gentle and well educated. He recently married his longtime boyfriend, before California voters passed the ridiculous Prop 8Congratulations Jason and Michael…
Hopefully the state of California Supreme Court will see Proposition 8 for what it is; an attempt to withhold the same rights straight people enjoy from the gay/lesbian community. If that isn’t HATE, I don’t know what is.

When asked if he thought gays should be allowed to wed, Kinky Friedman said it best—Kinky said “I believe they have as much right to be miserable as the rest of us.”
Don’t know who Kinky is? Google him.

Now to clear up something~~ Those of you who heard me make a joke about a friend photoshopping Barbara Bush’s hair onto Chip Coffey? Guess what! The friend who did the photoshopping is a gay man. A lesbian friend recently started a fine organization for women. Some of you may even be members. Before you start tossing out ridiculous accusations, why not take a look at a person’s friends list.

HATE can be more than just about sexual preference and skin color. Some HATE others because they happen to come from other countries and speak different languages. They call them invaders and complain that the newcomers are bringing Spanish language to our country. Tengo Preguntas! I’ve got some questions: 1) what do you suppose the Native Americans thought of the English speakers who came to Plymouth Rock? 2) Don’t you realize that the pilgrims invaded this country? 3) Do you realize that Spanish is a fascinating language, have you made any effort to learn it? Or are you too busy criticizing those who don’t speak your language?

Thanksgiving and I am thankful for many things. One is the fact that I was raised in a family that had a very diverse group of friends. I was taught at an early age not to judge others because of their sexual preference or that their skin color was different from mine. I was taught to see people for who they are, to explore and to embrace the differences of other cultures that make our world a wonderful place.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Evidence, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is something that furnishes proof. Using that definition, what proof do we have then that ghosts exist? What evidence has been presented in the last thousand or so years that furnishes proof?

Experiences are not proof. There are some gifted psychics to be sure, but can we claim their feelings and findings as irrefutable proof? If I tell you that I have a terrible headache where is your proof that I in fact have a headache? None; therefore you must take my word for it. So it is with psychics. This is not discounting personal experiences. Most of us have had one or two. And while these experiences might convince us, they are not proof to others.

There are photographers in the field working with infrared and other specially designed cameras. Some of their photos are remarkable, but not proof to those who don’t already believe. Photographic proof is almost an oxymoron when it comes to ghosts; especially with all the photo doctoring software available. In the hands of the unscrupulous these programs can whip out anomalies faster than you can say, “Cheese balls anyone?”
Recently, someone wrote that she was aware of people who used photo software to stretch themselves skinny. Then surely she is also aware of photo manipulation. And so is everyone else.
Orbs are in a class all by themselves; one either loves them, or hates them. Some of those who championed orbs as ghosts in the early days of digital cameras, have done an about face and now disavow 99.9% of them. There are those who still vigorously insist orbs are ghosts. The problem is distinguishing genuine ghostly orbs from dust, moisture, and bugs etc.

Research into Electronic Voice Phenomena didn’t begin with the film White Noise. But even those who didn’t care for White Noise had to admit that one thing the film did was bring mainstream attention to EVP. And there it was, everyone started recording and gathering evidence. Unfortunately, just like photography it’s easy to fake EVP. So where’s your proof that this is real EVP and not fake? When on the investigation is each person required to start in with an empty recorder? Empty as in no previous sound files. This is one way to stop pre-recorded sound files from making their way into the world as Class A EVP.

It’s easy to awe those who aren’t in this field with our evidence. Wow look at those photos, listen to that EVP. But ask yourself this, does your evidence stand up to the intense scrutiny of your peers? Does your evidence offer proof that ghosts exists?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Simply Stupid

This was sent to us by one of our many supporters who are watching BLATANT LIES being posted about us EVERYWHERE. ..... Enjoy. Our Comments IN PINK.

From Mellen's recent bulletin...
I wanted to alert everyone to a profile here on MySpace, who is probably one of your MySpace friends as well, stating they're here to enlighten and blog often.
These individual's calibur has been blown-open by their public SUPPORT of the "evil" Divas we all know and despise!!! The profile in question, Free All Spirits! Way to jump in you stupid bitch. Love your new found pair of balls and all, but they are you prepared to lose them? Evil huh?

Be aware, IF you patronize anyone who follows those evil diva wenchs, you're empowering them as all they are TRULY out for is popularity -- if no one heeded them or their "Kool Aid Kid" followers, any attention they'd shoo away like the annoying gnats they are and find a different community to slander, bash, abuse, fill with hate, as well as bred hatred and animosity! (might I suggest the "KKK" or "Skin Heads of America" clubs? Or hey, the Bloods and the Crypts are vying for new members -- I'm mean, I'm just sayin'!)

Wait, that was the longest fucking sentence EVER! KKK? Skin Heads? Gang Members? What a fucking idiot you have grown up to be Mellen. You are PATHETIC for a white girl. Might as well throw that we hate white people in there as well. And having African American Blood in my "cryptic" jeans while being Jewish... um, you are simply LYING.

I'm not just speaking out my arse, I've just blocked this profile and I suggest you do the same (unless you are playing both sides as well -- and welp, it may take me a bit, but I'll discover what you're up to and yea I'll block ya before bulletining a lot in your regard)!

STOP trying to make up the minds of smart people! Keep blocking. Once people get word of your plot to control others.. all your "2000 + closest" friends will be gone. Oh, when someone posts a comment on your profile, they really don't mean it. They are just playing the myspace game. They don't really love you that much and they really don't want YOU personally to "market" their events. Delusion 101


Yeah, WHY!

Well, for starters ....

LIE #1 - THE BIGOTRY MUST END -- poking fun of a personal sexuality is NOT cool... you're setting us back to the stone ages!

Um, Listen here MELLEN. YOU DO NOT KNOW US PERSONALLY. In FACT any ONE Of the Ghost Divas or our "Closest friends" could be or ARE GAY. You are a fucking LYING CUNT that is doing nothing but making shit up. We do not have to defend our feelings towards or against anything. Why? BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW JACK SHIT!!!!!!!!

LIE #2- YOU STATE YOU'RE ABOUT PARA-NEWS -- yet you only blog about ONE clique of people and PRAISE the one clique that is RUINING not just the para-community as a whole but also people's personal lives in the process.

No, we praise a lot of people. You are pissed because we do not praise you. There are MORE smart people out there... and you are NOT one of them. Sorry & too bad for you! Never said we did PARA-NEWS. Bonnie VENT is the fucking Paranormal NEWS DIVA. YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER NEVER BE LIKE HER. (Does that make you jealous Mellen?)

LIE # 3- HYPOCRITICALLY YOU CLAIM NO ONE SHOULD POLICE, YET YOU'RE POLICING, you call others fat when you're not so small yourselves, ahem -- yes, we're ALL aware as to how certain 'somebodies" stretch their pictures via photoshop as to help them appear smaller!

What the FUCK does "policing" and being FAT have in common? SIMPLY NOTHING YOU FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL the Ghost Divas are PROUD that we do NOT have bodies shaped like 12 year old boys. Long Live CURVES! We are PROUD to be "full bodied apparitions" *wink wink* eat a fucking sandwich sometime. Not all "men" are into "little boy bodies" on women.

LIE # 4- BULLYING IS NOT AN OPTION your citing good but using bully'ing tactics as to intimidate all who take offense to your writings -- therefore, YOU are trying to silence others yet grip because you were silenced?

Bully? Nope... didnt you just joing the Paranormal UNITED group where it is BLATANT bullying and self procalimed policing of the paranormal community. I guess a dumb bitch has got to do what a dumb bitch needs to do right? We "bully" you because you WANT US TO. So, here, have some gravy while you eat your fucking crow!

HATE IS HATE AND YOU OOZE WITH HATE! And the Bulletin you are posting is chocked full of love and light? We are the hypocrites??? I will admit it. I just went the FUCK off on you, got the fuck personal with you AND I will say that your HAIR IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Do they not have SALONS where you live? You being an advocate of "homosexuality" do you not have a single gay friend that will tell you that your hair is fucking ridiculously horrible and that you are too old to wear hats? OMG! YOUR FRIENDS SUCK! I totally ADMIT in FULL 100% that I am going the fuck off on your dumb ass. No hypocrites here!

and ...

LIE # 5 YOU STATE YOU BELIEVE IN FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH -- watch you react to this bulletin as if I had no right to post it ... awww, but in your OWN words, I do! Take that pill and swallow it!!!

Okay, I took the pill? I'm waiting for it to kick in... what's it supposed to do? Does it make me think like you? Will it make me "skinny"? Or is it just some kind of pain killer that has a numbing effect on my so called "Simply Mellenchally" puked up life? Which is it?

You WANTED us to repost this bullentin, and you got your wish. It must be lonely over there in your world. Long Live Freedom of Speech is righ on Honey!!!!!!!! I'm expressing mine right now and I am WAY the fuck better at it and I use a lot of F-bombs. Yay AMERICA BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

You're drama-seeking, using haters, who we SERIOUS & CARING para-peeps have NO use for! I'm an not a militia either, I'm simply me and I for one and DONE WITH PEOPLE WHO BASH OTHERS!! Can't say anything nice, trying getting your fat mouths shut for one!!! Hey, I know, IF you're all that you boast you are, trying posting some paranormal evidence to arouse our interests for once.
Betya can't cough anything original up, can ya? Didn't think so!

You may be simply you... um, you got that right! You are DONE with people that Bash others? But wait, you just posted a bullen about the Ghost Divas! So, you only have one bulletin in you? That's it? Pussy!

SERIOUS? CARING? Yeah... keep telling yourself that! You are a wanna be militia, that's way worse than those that can actually be proactive in their militant efforts. You, you just post bullentins and keep telling yourself that your old tired ass is "the pretty girl" in the paranormal field. I will say it again... ANY ONE OF US can lose "wieght" quicker than you can get "smart". Want research.. um, why don't you do some research on us before you speak. Fucking idiot.

PS-Your obvious hatred towards "fat girls" aka the size of AVERAGE AMERICAN WOMEN is getting around my are a disgusting person hiding behind 4 pounds of dead, fried blond hair.


Nope.. TRY AGAIN! We are not going anywhere and YOU can't make us! hahahaha! Simply stupid dumb assed bitch.

Hugs & happy hunting ...


Hugs? YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eye On the Paranormal

Well, well, well....

Great blog, please subscribe to it.

Oh, just an FYI: some old "hater faces" have come back to the surface. That wanna be "ghost hunter" seems to be on the prowl again. As Mellen dives FACE FIRST into the "para-drama" because nobody is paying any fucking attention to her. If you have ever wondered how lonely it is "at the top"... simply ask Mellen. Her narcissistic ways of self gratification are no longer pacifying her needs for importance. Way to buck the fuck in Mellen and show just how "simply stupid" you really are.

Until the next blog.. which will be fantastic btw...

Friday, November 21, 2008

K-2 Sound and All

Did you hear that? The K-2 Meter now has SOUND...As seen on television..It can alert you when a ghost is near! Beep! Beep! Beep! Hahahahahaha. Being sold on Ebay right now..Almost $80 bucks..Step right up....Use the same kind of equipment that Jason and Grant do..Beep! Beep! Beep!

Vampires and Vigilantes

With the coming of Twilight can a shift in the paranormal paradigm be far behind? As black cloaks start selling faster than you can say, “Where’d all the demons go?” vampire chasers will hit the circuit with their tales of blood sucking sons of bitches lurking in every dark corner. And you thought dead time was for demons and ordinary dead folks. It was. As in past tense…Think back. It wasn’t so long ago that ghosts stopped frightening the masses.

At one time every mainstream in the US had ghosts swimming therein. The pilots proliferated. So did television shows. Park your ass Mom and Pop and watch what we do…We chase ghosts. Mom and Pop wised up, formed teams, and bought themselves some equipment. Ghosthunting was a family thing…And it worked. ~yawn~ for awhile.

And then, the scare was gone. Ghosts, who gives a rat’s ass? They’re only ordinary people like you and me with one exception. They are DEAD. How scary is that? Not very. Raise the bar and call in the demons. Now that’s scary. They are Jack the Ripper evil. Ooooh no! Mom and Pop stop shaking in your Birkenstocks. …. All you need is a demonologist. Incoming television shows…They are brave! They chase demons…They challenge them.

As we learn their names and their jobs. As in Belial the demon of sodomy, we realize something. Most of us have never seen, heard or smelled a demon. Except of course on television, the media that makes all things paranormal possible. And so it goes. And now the vampire phenomenon has arrived. Vampires! Now that’s really scary. Forced to live forever, sucking blood and bagging on Bela!

A more recent arrival in the paranormal is the vigilante. And that is really scary. The vigilante is a hater. Make no mistake. A hater who is sly enough to hide behind love and light and let’s do right. A hater who zips out anonymous hate mail, targets those whose opinions differ, and makes a great show of defending the more thin skinned of the community. The vigilante incites hatred and inflames the community all under the guise of unity. Whose idea of unity? The vigilante’s of course. The self appointed enforcer.
Now that is really frightening..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We are under attack by "unity"

Terrorism means activities against persons, organizations or property of any nature committed by an individual or individuals acting on behalf of any foreign person or foreign interest:

1. that involve the following or preparation for the following:
a. use or threat of force or violence; or
b. commission or threat of a dangerous act; or
c. commission or threat of an act that interferes with or disrupts an
electronic communication, information, or mechanical system; and

2. when at least one of the following applies:
a. the effect is to intimidate or coerce a government or the civilian
population or any segment thereof, or to disrupt any segment of the
economy; or
b. it appears that the intent is to intimidate or coerce a government,
or further political, ideological, religious, social or economic
objectives or to express (or express opposition to) a philosophy
or ideology.

One who utilizes the systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve political objectives, while disguised as a civilian non-combatant. ...

or insurgent or freedom fighter: a rebel

Sounds to me like a bunch of these "unity" groups that are floating around.

Comparing people to terrorists... um, while living in Oklahoma we have dealt head on with terrorist...

Be careful who you follow when the flag is raised and displayed, the American Eagle is shown proudly.

Blog Terrorism 101
Is the most absurd thing ever. A blog? Are you really taking the paranormal blogging to the extremes of terrorism? Becoming militant to "Fight a fight" that is all bullshit anyway? And people are stupid enough to "follow you"? Blog Terrorism is a made up word, words made up to make radical stalkers feel justified in their actions.

THIS is why the field of paranormal research is a fucking hillbilly mecca and a joke to anyone that graduated high school. Have some sense people. Some are building alliances for a fight that only THEY are fighting. If you are a yokel... by all it. If you are not, at least look at the big picture before they fill your head with crap. While your at it, might as well say you hate black people, jews and gay people.. just like the rest of the radicals.. their "justice" is born from hate and nothing more.

Paranormal Waco... is happening right....... NOW.

NOBODY and we mean NOBODY will silence or police our freedom of speech and choice of words. Even the self appointed paranormal "military squad" that is nothing more than a bunch of tards that do not know how to debate. They want to build an army? Well, take notes from the worst army in the world.. they are in Bermuda, which so happens is home of "paranormal triangle" that eats airplanes and births UFO's and Bigfoot.

PS- Stay the fuck out of our trash you stalkers.

What a DRAG?


Who is this Queen in Drag?
Meet Sylvia Blackenbleu

Well, rumor is that is the beloved Chip Coffey of A&E's Paranormal State. Now, we love a good diva... but I must repeat... a GOOD Diva. If this Queen is in fact him, we highly recommend that he stays clear from Pastel pinks, it's not very flattering! Having secret identities can be a lot of fun, but perhaps it's just another way to make a buck or two? I wonder if this person is a better psychic as "Sylvia" than in real life?
Making fun of Sylvia Brown when in reality, if it is in fact Chip Coffey is the male version of HER.
Scamming, overpriced and all out money hungry skink that preys on people's emotions so they can get PAID.

So, is it Chip Coffey?

One more thing... Voted WORST Paranormal Radio Show by the readers and supporters of the Ghost Divas- The Peace, love, ignorance and Lard Hour... they are blatant promoters of Chip Coffey and of course they would have Sylvia Blackenbleu on their show.

So, Chip can make fun of people... but we can't... Um, Ms. Chip... It's okay for you to dress in Drag, just do it RIGHT. Come-on honey! At least have some class about it.
You are supposed to be a "diva" remember...not a fucking CORPSE in lipstick.

Just an FYI: We love our friends that are gay and we love our D-Q friends even more!!!!!!
So, we are not hating on people that do dress in drag or that are gay. So, don't even go there!
But, we are rather uncomfortable with the ones... well... It's the ones that hide it is when it gets creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We proudly announce...

We have talked for years about the book Tonya and I are working on - probably to the point people are thinking, "yeah, yeah, sure you are..."

But once and for all, the stories have been gathered, historical research has been conducted, people have been interviewed, and it's all been edited. The book will finally go to the publisher - Whitechapel Press - and will be out in early 2009! We've never written a book before so we're excited about this opportunity.

Some of the stories in the book were submitted by readers of our websites or friends or family, but the fun thing about this book, is that each and every story is absolutely a true experience and we are happy to bring them to you.

So far, there are no books that we have found solely about Oklahoma ghost stories. There are a few books about strange things and stories, but none just about peoples' ghostly experiences, so we thought it was time.

Naming a book is a lot harder than we thought it would be. Over the years we have come up with several but none that we really fell in love with. We wanted it to be memorable, catchy, easy to say, not too long, etc. After many years and lots of ideas, we finally came up with one that we both love and think will be a lot of fun to market.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the title of our book:


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Um yeah... we are going to start doing more video blogs. Why? Because we can and we want to!

So, have an idea? Want us to make a spoof? Just say so! We are open to pretty much anything.

We will leave our clothes on for your pleasure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dreamin' of Demons and Lying Through Your Teeth

Wouldn’t it be great if the hypocrisy and ignorance were suddenly lifted from the field of paranormal investigation? If investigations were no longer being conducted from the standpoint of fear, what could we learn? People talking about the threat of demons possessing them and causing them to act out in the most childish of ways aren’t really doing anything other than letting fear possess them.. Demons are no longer chasing people, because people have stepped out of the middle-ages. They’ve given up pursuing unicorns and dragons and the giant who gave old Jack such a rough time atop the beanstalk. The ogre who lived under the bridge waiting to grab innocents is gone and so is the mean witch who cooked sweet little Hansel and Gretel in her cast iron stewpot. The words scientific investigation might mean something other than a load of bullshit intended to impress. Scientific equipment (hahahahahahahaha) might really be something other than some flashy tricked out trinkets meant to impress the gullible.

The people who developed and designed jets did not do so while considering the possibility of demons attacking the jets did they? Have you ever been flying at 20000 or so feet and had the pilot inform you to fasten your seat belt as there was a strong possibility of demon attacks? We all use detergent…Do you doubt that these people don’t know what chemicals remove dirt? Surely they didn’t take into account demons while in the laboratories.
If you’ve ever had surgery you know the paperwork involved. And yet there is no mention of demon attacks in the operating room. And what about hackers, ever heard of any computer network being hacked by demons?

Ghost hunting is not a walk down candy cane lane. The world has its share of hateful, mean spirited people; it stands to reason there’s going to be some hateful mean spirited ghosts. But blaming a demon named Belial for supposed activity, just to pump up ratings is ridiculous. Just as kissing people’s asses to stay on television is ridiculous…Ah, but that’s another blog..

Who Silenced the Divas?

That's easy! No one has. Not even the crybaby who went sniveling to Myspace...Truth hurts doesn't it!

Jacket Tugging 101

Did his jacket collar really get pulled three times?

You got questions? We got answers!!

Ghosts, Big Bucks, Demons and Scares

Quick! What's the scariest thing in the paranormal right now? If you said demons who stalk television para-celebs just waiting to possess some unspuspecting soul, you'd be wrong...If you said evil mean spirited ghosts whose only joy is dishing out misery, you'd also be wrong...The scariest things in the paranormal are ....DRUM ROLL PLEASE--questions! Questions about all the collar pulling "evidence", questions about all that EVP that originates not from the great beyond, but from some living breathing someone just off camera, questions about that so called medium who is apre-fed info before the cameras start rolling...questions about a coke can that gives low temp readings, the truth all those lines that are written (as in yes here's your script, read your lines,) questions about fakes and frauds and the fairytale land they inhabit...That's the scariest things in the paranormal right now. Do you dare to question???