Thursday, September 17, 2009

Question for Jason, Grant and TAPS

For Jason, Grant and TAPS

I understand that being in public eye isn’t always easy. One must watch, every word, every action, lest a camera or recorder catches it. No one is immune. Not even President Obama. Look what happened when he had an unguarded moment and called Kanye West a jackass. The President was right. Unfortunately, while he thought he was speaking off the record, someone tweeted it and round the net it went. Obama calls Kanye a jackass.

Sadly, celebs are not accorded the same freedom to be human, with all the failings and shortcomings the rest of the world enjoys. It’s the price paid for fame. You put yourself out there, you better be prepared for public opinion that doesn’t always fall in your favor.
I’m sure you already know this. But I don’t think your newest star and family director Britt Griffith does.
Are you aware of the Britt Griffith video that’s making the rounds on the net? Britt Griffith a male friend and a big pink dildo chattering away. Do you have gay fans? I wonder if they will see this video as gay bashing. I do. Do you have teen fans? I wonder what their family will think of your family director starring in such a video. I wonder what your sponsors will say. Bury the video? Too late, it’s already out there. You can’t unring a bell. You couldn’t undrop Krysten Gartland’s drawers and you can’t take the dildo out of Britt’s hands. Look at the video, there is Britt Griffith waving this big dildo at his friend. Then using it like a microphone…Funny huh? Is a dildo part of the TAPS toolbox? Does a dildo play a part in TAPS ghost hunting boot camps? I can’t help but wonder why the dildo was there on the ghost hunt in the first place, Hmmmm.

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