Friday, December 5, 2008

TAPS decrees it...or else

TAPS Family Member Top Priority
Below is a copy of an email I received today…But before going there, allow me to say…

Years ago, before TAPS became the big stars, heroes and gods of the paranormal; I was friends with Mike. I helped him get his foot in the door at some of the places he investigated in Las Vegas and sent him prospective private residence and members. But somewhere along the way, I lost my glitter. The name Janice Oberding could not contend with TAPS. And so when it comes down to it, we all make choices. Mike made his. Being affiliated with TAPS is top priority. I am a member of the hated Ghost Divas. I dared to speak out against TAPS and the phoney coat pull. And for those who want to keep their heads firmly implanted up TAPS collective asses that was enough to say adios Janice and thanks for the memories. Oh and Merry Christmas Mike. May you always bask in the glory of TAPS, may you always enjoy your coveted status as a TAPS family member.

Hi Janice.
I received a call from Britt Griffith (TAPS family manager) he said that LVPI's status as a part of taps is up in the air. It is mainly the ghost divas and the negativity that they post towards TAPS. It is with regret that I have to let you go as a member of LVPI. You think it is easy for me to do.....It is not. I will always be your friend and if you ever need me for anything I am here.
Take care.
Michael Carrico
LVPI Founder/Lead Investigator/Chief EVP Specialist.
Certified Paranormal Investigator & EVP Specialist
Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations & EVP Research also
email: or
Affiliates of TAPS, AAPI, AGS and Ghost Research International.


JK said...

Beyond my opinion that it is rude to abandon your friends, I have other issues with this. TAPS gives the viewers of Ghost Hunters the illusion that they are promoting scientific investigation......yet when their evidence is questioned, even through an INFORMAL peer review process, it seems that it is seen as an attack. I thought that this perception was confined to the fans of the show, but apparently I was wrong.

Wah. The Ghost Divas questioned my evidence. Wah.


I'm sorry you were treated this way, Janice. You deserve much better. Shame on them for not wanting an opinionated, intelligent, level-headed, critical thinker on their team. If that is how they feel, in my opinion you are better off without them.

Tonya Hacker said...

Anyone that would chose TAPS over a wonderful friend like you is not a good person at all.

It goes to show us and everyone else just how teams are these days. TAPS is a business, the last thing they have on their minds is "Helping people". They said it themselves. Residential home investigations are limited due to their own popularity and chance of trickery. So, they created FAMILY MEMBERS to pick up the slack and send local teams out on wild goose chases for client pre screening.

It's a sad day in the paranormal field, really it is. This is what people want and they will stop at nothing to get it.

Shame on TAPS and Shame on Mike (I know he's your friend) for allowing TAPS to pick and choose his friends and team members.

Hope he sleeps well tonight, this is wrong and if he doesn't see it, than good riddance.
TAPS, um they don't care. They are not the team they used to be.

We love you Janice. MANY people love you. You are a great investigator and writer. You are a grown woman and NOBODY should tell you who you can or can not "hang" with.

Xtina said...

Sorry for your loss Janice. It is always hard to lose a friend, or at least someone you thought was a friend. I myself would rather be hated for standing my ground instead of being a known kiss ass. You take the punches for the field and have to deal with these kinds of losses and we all owe you a big thanks! I think that soon things will be changing for the better and what a great thing for you to be able to sit back later on and know that you were a part of that.

reap said...

What kinda sad son of a bitch is that guy?.....DAMN!

(prayer)Dear whoever
thank you for making the kind of person who wouldn't treat my friends like that loser on the Diva's blog...

Anonymous said...

This kind of defensiveness is generally all the proof I need to know that someone is full of crap. If they didn't have anything to hide, if they had evidence they believed in, they wouldn't care what anyone has to say. All I can think to add is that someone needs to call them the WHAAAAAAmbulence.

Unknown said...

FUCK THE TAPS FAMILY!! It means nothing. It is nothing more than a social club for TAPS groupies. Groupies who tout their TAPS family memberships like it's a fucking credential and solidifies them as "legitimate paranormal researchers".

Besides Janice, do you really want to be associated with a guy who's credentials include "Certified Paranormal Investigator & EVP Specialist"... "Certified paranormal investigator" that's just to damn funny.

Oh, and if any of the folks running the TAPS family comes in here and reads these comments could you PLEASE remove RMPRS from your websites and list of members. We sent ALL of you a letter WEEKS AGO stating that we longer want to be apart of, or be affiliated with the TAPS family. We haven't heard jack back from any of you and our info is still listed on the sites.

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society

Lodema said...

I am so sorry you lost someone that you thought of as a friend. People who cave into peer pressure because they think it makes them look cooler in the eyes of others need to go back to high school. It is sad that as an adult he can't realize how much more important his real friends are than the ones who want free advertisement for their show and someone to buy all their crap and tickets to over priced "haunted" events. I hope you take comfort that a great number of people find you to be an intelligent and funny lady and wayyy more important than some jerk off title that mean shit to most people in the true paranormal community. And when TAPS and all their Minions fall from the glory of what ever pedestal that they have climbed onto you and the Divas and all the others who say bite me to the "system" will still be here doing what we truly love.

WittyChick said...

What exactly does being a TAPS family member include? Being used to find locations for the television show to exploit and ruin? Really? If we had accused them of anything they weren't guilty of, we would have heard from network attorneys by now. I am sorry that your "friend" has done this, but I find it extremely amusing that a powerful network feels threatened by a senior citizen (no offense Janice, because you certainly don't act your age! lol!) and her other four mouthy cronies! This just really shows that we have struck a weak nerve with them! And that my friends is absolutely hilarious!

Unknown said...

ghostdivas amanda asked:
"What exactly does being a TAPS family member include?"

that's a good question.

what's the actual answer? anyone know?

i bet it includes a signed plumber poster! butt crack for extra $$$.

Unknown said...

"Certified Paranormal Investigator & EVP Specialist"

Are you KIDDING me? All that means is that you took some classes at Houdini U and now you know how to turn on a voice recorder. Whoopsie. I've been doing paranormal investigations and research for over 20 years and don't claim to be certified in anything. As for being a TAPS "family member" - that's just their way of attempting to control the paranormal community.