Monday, December 8, 2008

Mellen can suck it.

OK, so this is the latest rambling of the crazy woman also known as "Simply Mellen". And before you goddamned cry about copyright - I'm crediting YOU with the inane rambling, so suck it.

" Terrorist do you enable them? If so, I WILL find you!!!
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Hola my sweets!

My my my am I grumpy this morning! Woo hooo - must be 'hormones'! Ya know how we women can be.

The last entry I posted was regarding "unity" in the para-community. I thank the hundreds-of-people who read my entry as well as those who either shot me a personal email or the most brave for posting a comment upon my page; however, my intent wasn't achieved so I'm blogging again.

Let's get right back to the start .... seems my bulletins and blogs have been & are continually being forwarded to others under negative pretenses. Mind you, I don't "private" my profile nor my blog writings nor do I discriminate and deny friendships of others based upon their views, religious beliefs, marital status, color-of-their-skin ... so I'm a wee bit confused but whoops then again I'm not, now that I put my thoughts into writing ... people alike hang in packs, so duh, of COURSE there's a culprit or TEN who is 'stabbing' me in the back and sharing my writings without my consent.

SO ONCE AND FOR ALL ... BACKSTABBERS, DELETE ME BEFORE I DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE, which I WILL have no fear! IF NOT, I'll use you as the PERFECT example as YOU'RE the epitome of ALL that's wrong with our para-community! And whoops, I have this big arsed mouth and I just simply cannot refrain. [also, let me clue you in on something -- terrorists are carnivores and they'll turn on you fast as they did me when they realize you're growing tired of their rudeness and desperate cries for attention and stand-up to them -- then *WHOOPS* in a blink-of-an-eye YOU'LL been their "main course" ... but then again, IF you have a low social status which by bashing you won't bring them any glorified attention they so desperately seek, then they'll simply delete you and move-on -- IF YOU'RE LUCKY... if not, you're a wh*re, b*tch, c*nt, mentally ill, call your house anonomously trying to destroy your family with LIES, threaten your kids ... heck, they're so pathetic, they'll even pick on your friggin PURSE, for even IT isn't safe! *maturity at its finest, ey*]

Ok, let's sum it up, shall we. I KNOW someone is sharing my stuff, it's obvious. Whoever you are, kudos to you hope you feel well for being a "player" (although "pawn" would probably be a more appropriate term)! Merry Christmas and Happy New to you! I hope you sleep well at night and get all your just desserts in this lifetime AND the next!

IF ONE HAIR ON EITHER OF MY CHILDREN GETS HARMED, I WILL NOT STOP LOOKING FOR YOU and FIND YOU I WILL!!! Take that piece-of-cake and shove it down your ugly throats! Read me? Got me? Hear me? I mean it!!! DON'T EVER EVER EVER THREATEN MY CHILDREN OR MY FAMILY!

Oh & one more thing I want to clarify -- I'm not a dreamer, life isn't ideal so noooo I don't believe we'll EVER have complete para-peace! We can't for as long as there is hate, hate there shall be! Hitler was a hater! Napoleon was a hater! Bin Laden IS a hater! And what drives haters is the quest for power as hate is the most contagious of all emotions and sadly there are sooo many WEAK people to accommodate such atrociousness it takes flight as if there are no boundaries but alas there is, MY KIDS!!!! Even here in the para-community! How friggin sad considering THIS IS JUST A F*CKING HOBBY YOU MENTALLY ILL FREAKS!!!!

I have to confess, I'm literally SICK of this crap -- how about you?! I'm sick of being picked upon just because I have a love of ghosts and of history! Geez, never realized those were traits to threaten a person's welfare! And boo to you, I've never claimed to be the "IT" girl in the para-community ... ha, tis YOU who thinks YOU are!!!! See, I haven't any podcast, nor do I pen a magazine, ask to be the 'star attraction' at any para-cons, heck I don't even do the 'ghost groupie' crap anymore but alas I'm the "bad" one! Hmm? I simply love ghosts and find watching the scientifically-gifted teach us we CAN detect these fascinations. I guess those traits-of-mine makes the para-community look badly in the public eye .... ya know, my simply finding ghosts and our life hereafter as intriguing but y'all, well, you're vicious and cannot even allow a chick from Indiana to enjoy her love anymore. YOU'RE ALL SIMPLY F*CKING PATHETIC and I FOR ONE am now EMBARRASSED to share with people this love of mine! Ooooh tis not for fear I'll be laughed at or shunned as I USED to be for finding such "taboo'ed" happenings as fun (thank you Jason & Grant for breaking THAT social bread for us) buuuut BECAUSE OF YOU, you vile terrorists!

Unity is a good cause ... I disagree with anyone who claims others wise! I realize we'll NEVER have complete harmony as there will ALWAYS be an ugly, worm-ridden, apple in the bunch buuut even in the bushel you don't see the smaller apples rolling to the big-apple-side-of-the-bushel just to cause drama before rolling back to the "small apple side" of the cart as a player and watch their "work" unfold!

So with that said, I've a lot to ponder - as should you for remember, they're ugly carnivores who despite my KNOWING they'll get what THEY deserve, I'm sick of it all! I think I'm going to take up knitting instead -- far more exciting a hobby. I mean, I'm just saying!

LAST CALL -- EITHER DELETE ME, YOU TWO-TIMERS, OR I WILL SEEK YOU OUT AND MAKE A HUGE SPECTACLE OUT OF YOU!! I've soooo many friends on here, I won't even notice you're gone so do it NOW and not wait as I've this habit of petting snakes lying-in-wait and I've an inkling who you are! So here's where you can PROVE you're brave and noble as you want 'them' to believe, just takes one measly little click and waa laa, you can be proud you did the right thing and I can feel free'er and cleaner to be rid of such trash!

Sorry to the other 99% of my friends for having to read such a negative entry but alas I couldn't hold it in any longer! To you, and ONLY you, I sincerely apologize but beware, I will NOT back-down as I'm relentlessly vicious like that!


Hugs and all that crap ....

Mary Ellen

P.S.: Now that it's a PAID work day, let's see how many terrorists blog in my regard or STEAL this blog from me and color it their own! I soooo hope their bosses discover their sneaky ways! *hint* Oh the day, oh the glory, oh the long-arsed unemployment line they obviously believe they are immune to yet WILL be enjoying! But alas my pretties they aren't! ESPECIALLY when the job they hold is one funded by the government, ya know, the one WE THE PEOPLE fund! "

Firs of you all you whack job, we may be bitches or whatever name du jour you have chosen, but we would NEVER bring peoples' families into this bullshit. We will not talk about your children, who you're fucking, or what STD you may have. NEVER. WE, unlike some people, realize this is not real life even though some people - like Mellen - are ate the fuck up with it.

I have said before, you can call us whatever names you would like or that your empty little head can muster, but you LIE and it will be seen by the masses because WE will post about it. No one even reads your pathetic little blog or comments on it, so we'll make sure it gets seen by our readers. I know people will ask why we even give you the time to respond. We have been ignoring your ridiculous attempts at attention for some time now even though you lie like it's your fucking job. But when you accuse us of doing something illegal, well, it's a whole different story. If you think we have been terrorizing you, you are sadly mistaken. My guess is there are a LOT of other people that have seen what a freak you are and you likely have many other people that think you're nuts besides us. Trust me, YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO US THAT WE WOULD BOTHER CALLING YOUR FUCKING HOUSE.

Also, the cracks about the employment - are you STILL too fucking dense to see that there are SEVERAL of us and we all post at different times and have different schedules. Since you are so brilliant, you do know that interfering with someone's income is called tortious interference, right? You better watch it, chicky.

You have repeatedly made comments about our weight. Let me tell you something, the fact that you are nearly naked on your website and are STILL getting less attention than a bunch of fat women is PITIFUL. You are hack. It's time you realized it and crawl back in your hole, you jealous, pitiful, loser. And that picture made me throw up in my mouth a little, too. EWWW (shivers at the thought).


Tammy Wilson said...

You're not picked upon just because you have a love of ghosts and of history you're simply called out for being a goddamned idiot.

Terri's An'Tweaks said...

I can't believe she thinks you ladies would threaten or hurt her kids...she is delusional!

WittyChick said...

I am going to take a stab at the fact we are obviously not the only people she is taking issues with. She didn't make one statement that remotely resembed us, except for the fact that she made reference to the whole purse incident. That must have really traumatized her since she refers to it all the time! lol! And this blog completely makes her a hypocrite. Threatening people because of possible delusions. N-U-T-B-A-G!!!

Janice Oberding said...

I soooo hope their bosses discover their sneaky ways! *hint* Oh the day, oh the glory, oh the long-arsed unemployment line they obviously believe they are immune to yet WILL be enjoying! But alas my pretties they aren't!

Did ever occur to you, you self-centered bitch, that the Divas also have children who need to be fed and cared for? NOt easy to do without jobs. For you to wish them lose their jobs is vicious and hateful. You want to see EVIL, go look in the mirror!!

JK said...

It's really sad that someone would stoop to posting lies on her blog in order to attempt to gain readers. It is also sad that a person would discuss all of the people who responded to her blog through their comments. I didn't see any comments on the blog or on this individual's forum that appears outside of myspace. Liar.

Unknown said...

This terrorism bullshit is so lame. It's not terrorism, its opinion. I dont see anyone blowing up cars on the roadside or lobbing Molotov cocktails through peoples windows. It's just sane people calling bullshit when they see it.

Para-peace? Stupidest thing I've heard all day. Go to hell, Mellen.

JerBear said...

she better whatch herself, especially if she is making such a claim, I have heard that the cyber stalking and bullying of this nature is a FEDERAL offense (seriously, I was smack dab in the middle of something similar a few years ago) and if she is throwing these false accusations around, she may just get more than she ever bargained for. Now she is threatening the whole state of Oklahoma??? good god the woman is delusional....I would delete her from my friends list on MySpace, but I find this so intriguing (and amusing), I am DYING to know who she thinks the "pawns" are.....

reap said...

"Unity is a good cause ... I disagree with anyone who claims others wise"

Thats one hell of a quote right there.
You can quote me on that.

Tonya Hacker said...

Okay Mellen... a government office perhaps... maybe the FBI? Police Department? Hummm....

All I can say is she is a total idiot. Her "hundreds" of readers tune in and pass around her blog entries because it's a real life PSYCHOTIC bitch on the internet. Mellen "m'dear" you are a big joke! Those that email you... ah, your so busy right?
Someone I know shot you an email once and you responded in less than 3 minutes. "Fan mail".. what a crock of shit.
Same friend of mine posted a comment on your page saying how much you were "loved.. blah blah blah" and you emailed back in less than 2 minutes. YOU LIE. YOU LIE and YOU LIE. Now, you make up MORE LIES. YOU ARE A LIAR and you look like a Trailer Park WHORE.


It is TRUE that you resort to putting half naked photos of yourself on your page to get readers. How desperate is that?

Not that we would.. but if we posted half naked pics of us on our home page, we would have "fans" as well. LOL But they would still post comments on our blog! YOU DON'T HAVE THAT! Wonder why?

QUESTION: Can you never have too many disgusting "can't find Mr. Pee Pee" men jerkin' their chickens to a photo these days can ya? That's what matters in the "paranormal field" right?

Your OLD. Your built like a 12 year old BOY. Your DESPERATE. Nobody reads your "widdle" blogs. Widdle? Isn't that what fuckin Jed Clampet does while sitting on the porch? Widdle?

Fucking Hillbilly skank ass. Fuck with me, it's ON! Your "career" and the monthly fee's you pay to be on IMDB... use that money for THERAPY and maybe some REAL job & life Skills!
But Wait! There is always "para-porn" right? You will fit right in and you wont even need to see a stylist and you can wear that pink 1980's reject and carry your fucking TACKY Purse!!!!!!!

I attack her because it shames me that there are women in this field that have no class, shame, intelligence or skills. But for some damn reason she thinks the world loves her. She's my favorite psychology subject. People can't stand you Mellen. Well, let me rephrase that. Smart People can't stand you Mellen!!!!!

As for the kids thing? Not sure who's she's talking about. But that's nonsense and blatant lies. IF she has "other haters" that would stoop to that level, perhaps she should ditch her ol'trailer part buddies and find new "best friends" on the internet.

Mellen gives Skinny girls with blond hair a bad name.

I am so HAPPY that I have HEALTHY Dark hair without "roots" and curves! Like a real damn woman.

Armymom said...

Oh i can tell you she is crazy that is not even a debate. She shows many signs of being short a stack of books. It wouldn't take anyone with half a brain to see that. Explain to me how she is an aspiring actress when she was a blink in a film. A BLINK she is not nor will ever be anymore then what it is she believes in her sad confused mind.

She isn't pretty and she craves attention so bad that she will lie and steal to get it. No one ever threatened her children or her home. And when she starts calling people terrorist she better watch it. When she has a son fighting in IRAQ or a son that has died defending her right to lie then maybe she can say something. This last blog of hers pissed off allot of Army parents who's son and daughters are serving when she started throwing her terrorist statements around. It's best she follow that old saying. It's better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you are a fool then to open it and remove all doubt !!!

°°Blaax°° said...

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak and remove all doubt...!!!

°°Blaax°° said...

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak and remove all doubt...!!!

Unknown said...

i must admit, i've never read anything from "mellen" until i read the divas' blog. i have no idea who she is or what she's on about.

but as for the entry of mellen's showcased here -- i think that she needed to type "whoops" a few more times. just a few more.

and as for "I simply love ghosts and find watching the scientifically-gifted teach us we CAN detect these fascinations."

someone who is "scientifically gifted" is "teaching" us we can "detect these fascinations" ???

that ought to make the world news, or at least a mention on the colbert report.

kimmy said...

I met Mellen once at a physic fair and she not only was she very overweight, she was dressed like a gypsy wannabe. She also reeked of pot.