Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Working Moms

We live in a curious time. The inauguration of our nation’s first African American president is weeks away, same sex marriages are making headway, and recently the U.S. Army promoted its first female four star general. Unfortunately, in this time of excitement and change, working moms are still getting the shaft.

So this is our salute to all you working moms out there; there is no love more fiercely protective than that of a mother for her child. It is an undying unconditional love that sets us on our life’s path while attempting to prepare us for whatever life might toss our way.
Being a mom is a full time job. There are no set office hours, days off or vacations. If a woman is financially blessed she doesn’t have to juggle the demands of an outside job with her mom job. She can stay home and enjoy quality time with her little ones. She can sing, dance and be silly with her children. She can teach her kids things and witness that first wavering step, the first word, and all the other childhood milestones we moms cherish. The stay at home mom is fortunate. No one, save those who have never raised children, can doubt that the stay at home mom is working.

But there are many moms who must take on the added responsibility of jobs outside the home. And here in the 21st century these women are still looked upon with suspicion. Sarah Palin is an example. Whatever our feelings are toward Palin, no one can deny the questioning of her mothering abilities that came when she eyed the VP position. Here was a woman who wanted to ascend to the second highest position. How dare she? The responsibilities of being a mother were such that she could not possibly do both jobs well, they said.

Leaving Palin in Alaska, let’s look at the less financially blessed. These are the women who work two jobs; the full time mom job and the full time job that puts food on the table. It is not selfish on their part to pull themselves out of bed each morning, get their children ready for their day, and prepare for the eight hour grind that awaits them. They may be professionals, factory workers or service workers; they are working moms spending eight long hours away from their children out of necessity. Hopefully they will not miss that first step, or word. But bills must be paid.

In a perfect world, moms would have the choice of staying home with their children or working outside the home. But here in the real world, they are not given that choice. And so they do what they must. And that is, work outside the home.


Tammy Wilson said...

Well said, Janice. For people that say working mothers are selfish, well, you get a big FUCK YOU from me. I do love my job, but I would MUCH rather be at home with my kids and taking care of things there. But in order for them to have the things I did not have, I work. I work to make sure they can be in band and orchestra and play soccer and do all the things they want to do. I work to be able to afford to take them on trips and buy them books games. You have a conversation with any one of my kids and you will quickly see that they have enjoyed experiences far above and beyond their classmates and had I not worked and been able to afford them that, they would not have those experiences. Their teachers have commented that they are amazed at how cultured and knowledgeable my children are about their world. It's also because I have taken the TIME, even though I work, to share the world with them. My children are also all above average students. So yeah, staying home would be great, but my working has been a blessing to my family.

Tonya Hacker said...

I too am proud to be a working mother. I am not envious of those that work at home either. I have been "at home" and on a personal note, for me... I could not stand it. I have a place both as a mother and in the workforce. I have skills that are needed at my place of employment. I have a job to do ON TOP of being a full time mother.

The upside of being a working mom. My children understand that things are earned in life, not given. Which to me is the most important things a child can have as a moral background. If something, god forbid happens to their spouse, injury, company closings even death... my children will have the skills and knowledge to live on an independant level.

It's not 1940 anymore and any woman that pokes fun at another for having to "work" and call them selfish, is nothing more than a flat out tacky bitch.

Mellen stated that moms that work out of the home are selfish. I think she has a jaded sense of reality and what kind of statement is that? Must be nice living in delusional worlds where fuzzy bunnies and fairy's are real.

As a mother- It's shameful that she posts slutty photos of herself on the internet. Having boys (which she says she does) she is teaching them that women should be exploited. Their own mother is doing it, so what kind of "men" will they grow up to be?

It's not "hot", mellen is a 42 year old mother with an identity crisis. She's setting a horrible example for her children on her website and myspace page. When her kids are old enough and stumble across "mom" looking like a whore, I am sure she will be flatter and her kids will be sickened. Stay at home moms are usually involved with PTA and other things... she NEVER talks about what she does in that aspect of her life. Does the PTA know about her online personality? I'm sure they would be proud.

Anyone that bashes working parents should be ashamed of themselves. But, she has no shame, that's been proven.

I commend everyone that works for a living. Not everyone desires to have a life where the "internet" is the main sorce of social interaction. People that contribute to society ROCK AND they are raising great kids that grow up with a fantastic work ethic!!!!

Mellen is SCUM and she proved it with her last blog packed full of LIES and insanity.

Unknown said...

Thank you. Deeply, sincerely, thank you.

After yesterday's hard hitting email, I needed to read this today.

Anonymous said...

I am not much for making comments, but this one I have too:
As a working mother and now a working grandmother, I didn't have to work but choose to work. I have never regretted it as far as my girls they turned out great and learned that it is better to earn things in life than to have it given.I did not marry my husband so he could give me nice things and or take care of me, I can do that me it is better to have skills in the workforce as Tonya put it...god forbid if something happens to your I know becoming a widow that the age of 41 in 1997 and I always thought we would grow old together. I am glad that I have my own business as it helped kept me busy after my husband died,it helped raised my kids,it put them through college and has helped my grown girls as they are very strong single mothers who has to work!

Lodema said...

Nicely put Janice, I am a working Mom and there are many more of us then the few who can afford to stay home. My Grandmother raised 10 (yes I said 10) kids on her own! She worked up to three jobs sometimes to make sure they at least had food on the table and cloths to wear to school. My own Mother would tell me from an early age that no matter what you should always have a skill to take care of yourself and your kids if something were to happen. My Grandmother made sure her kids had everything they could need to grow up including love. And in an age when many people would have had their older kids drop out of school to help support a large family with only one income, she made sure everyone of her children finished high school. She was the thread that held our family together for years, and for someone to say that she wasn't a good mother because she worked is an insult to one of the most beautiful and strongest people I have ever known.

Xtina said...

Wow. I guess I am in the minority because I do have the luxury of staying home with my kids now. I have been on the other side and let me say I don't envy you ladies at all when you have to work all day away from your children. My luxury comes at the cost of my husband being gone 75% of the year. Does that make him a bad father? No. It is what it is and we work around it. I think all moms and dads whether they be "stay at home" or "work outside the house" should be commended because they are doing whatever they think is the best for their children and their future.