Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a DRAG?


Who is this Queen in Drag?
Meet Sylvia Blackenbleu

Well, rumor is that is the beloved Chip Coffey of A&E's Paranormal State. Now, we love a good diva... but I must repeat... a GOOD Diva. If this Queen is in fact him, we highly recommend that he stays clear from Pastel pinks, it's not very flattering! Having secret identities can be a lot of fun, but perhaps it's just another way to make a buck or two? I wonder if this person is a better psychic as "Sylvia" than in real life?
Making fun of Sylvia Brown when in reality, if it is in fact Chip Coffey is the male version of HER.
Scamming, overpriced and all out money hungry skink that preys on people's emotions so they can get PAID.

So, is it Chip Coffey?

One more thing... Voted WORST Paranormal Radio Show by the readers and supporters of the Ghost Divas- The Peace, love, ignorance and Lard Hour... they are blatant promoters of Chip Coffey and of course they would have Sylvia Blackenbleu on their show.

So, Chip can make fun of people... but we can't... Um, Ms. Chip... It's okay for you to dress in Drag, just do it RIGHT. Come-on honey! At least have some class about it.
You are supposed to be a "diva" remember...not a fucking CORPSE in lipstick.

Just an FYI: We love our friends that are gay and we love our D-Q friends even more!!!!!!
So, we are not hating on people that do dress in drag or that are gay. So, don't even go there!
But, we are rather uncomfortable with the ones... well... It's the ones that hide it is when it gets creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



JK said...

That is a frightening image. I can imagine why he would try to keep this a secret if this is indeed Chip.

Janice Oberding said...

I agree TonyaK. Can you say gaudy? I'm wondering what the PETA people would think about that fur stole. Would they flour her like they did Lindsay Lohan?

Tonya Hacker said...

I find it strange that he thinks Sylvia Brown is worthy of becoming a Queen... I bet he worships her and her dragon nails.

°°Blaax°° said...

This Belial would certainly have a lot of fun with Chip Coffey as a Drag Queen... looooool...^^

Janice Oberding said...

Okay, I listened to the show...In my opinion Sylvia Blackenbleu sounds like a man with a New York accent trying to squash a bit of Southern y'all drawl..Someone with the right voice analyzers could say for sure, but Sylvia Blackenbleu sounds like Chip Coffey to me. Same cadence though the voice is somewhat lower.

So why was Sylvia Blackenbleu's profile deleted from Myspace?

heathARRR said...

I find this blog highly entertaining!

You guys should get your own television show.

Tonya Hacker said...

LOL yeah, find any producer with balls of steel and that will happen.

°°Blaax°° said...

ahhhhhh...the very fabulous PSYCHIC TO THE STARS, SYLVIA BLACKENBLEU!?
Why was Sylvia Blackenbleu's profile deleted...???
Perhaps, she has pressed the wrong button?!

Unknown said...

TFF! get him, divas!!!!!
i was laughing so hard i snorked.

Unknown said...

oooooh, can you imagine if this sylvia had made an appearance on "psychic kids" ?!

now THAT would have made for some seriously entertaining AND scary paranormal television!

B. Thompson said...

That picture is of Rudy Giuliani in drag.

I've had my own fair share of dealings with the slimeballs of PRS and Chip Coffey himself due to my articles on, but this kind of juvenile nonsense is embarrassing. Instead of giggling about whether or not Chip is a drag queen, why not focus on the facts that a) "Paranormal State" is a weekly sideshow of buffoonery and b) "Psychic Kids" is televised child abuse?

Tammy Wilson said...

We've already done that, guess you missed it :).

Tonya Hacker said...

That's funny about Rudy Guliani! hahahahah

I listened to the show and it's not Rudy.

Unknown said...

B. Thompson said...
That picture is of Rudy Giuliani in drag.


wow, so - back in oct. 2007 - lorrie the ghost chick was going around spamming myspace with pics of rudi in drag to promote a radio blog of "sylvia blackenbleu" ???

i wonder what rudi would have to say about THAT??

i don't think the point here is "giggling" about whether it's chip in drag. it has more to do with professional integrity. then again, chip is a "psychic". ::shrug::

the picture aside, did you LISTEN to "sylvia" at the end of the podcast?

Tonya Hacker said...

I must be honest.. no I didnt listen to the ending of it. The "cackeling laughter" was getting the best of me. I just couldnt listen to it anymore.

Why? What did they say? Or are you going to make me listen to it again? lol

Unknown said...

Blogger GhostDivaTonya said...

I must be honest.. no I didnt listen to the ending of it.


i was asking b. thompson -- to see if he heard who sylvia sounded exactly like....and it wasn't rudi.

Janice Oberding said...

Did Rudy dress in drag when he spoke at the Republican convention?

B. Thompson said...

Maybe I'm oversensitive to these issues, but it seems to me that ridiculing Coffey for any drag queen tendencies he may or may not have is skirting awfully close to the line of homophobia. I understand that you've gone out of your way to mention that you have nothing against drag queens in general, but there's a disturbing trend among Coffey's critics on the A&E boards and the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe boards to make homophobic remarks, including implications that he's a pedophile. So what if he likes to pretend to be a Sylvia Browne-esque woman for comedic effect? If that's the case, then it's really one of the only likable things I've heard about the guy.

If you're going after professional integrity, it seems like you'd be better served mentioning the fact that he used to advertise himself as "the Crossing Over guy" in an apparent attempt to trick people into thinking they were getting a phone reading from John Edward. Or you could talk about the fact that he doesn't seem to have the advanced degrees he claims to.

Even if you've already covered these issues, the drag queen angle isn't doing you any favors. It's easy and boring and doesn't at all contribute to the real issues at hand.

(Although--full disclosure here--I have been known to make fun of his bug eyes from time to time. If only because they look so funny when he's wandering around a house pretending to feel spirits.)

Tammy Wilson said...

Here's the deal. This drag queen thing - while not a big surprise - is new to us. So we're having a giggle with it. That's it - no more, no less.
We LOVE drag queens and there is nothing even remotely bordering on homophobic. Maybe stupidphobic - but that's it.
The real issue at hand is that we think that he may have been behind our blog being deleted from MySpace - three or more years worth - because of something we said that was TRUE. So screw him.

GhostDiva Amanda said...

The reason we go after Chip for anything and everything. He is a freaking charlatan who dodges issues and lies. We find it completely amusing that he has an alter ego that we like sooooo much better than him. And why is this alter ego suddenly hidden? Would it hinder his current ego and ventures? Hmmmmm....likely so, because mainstream America still does not accept cross-dressers. And trust me, one of Tammy and my bests friends is not only a cross-dresser, but he wants to make the switch completely. We would be the last ones to demonstrate any homophobic tendencies!

Unknown said...

+++but there's a disturbing trend among Coffey's critics on the A&E boards and the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe boards to make homophobic remarks+++

i dunno about the SGU boards, but i've read the AandE boards pretty frequently and i've only seen one or two posts from people equating pedophilia with homosexuality, and NONE of those were from regular posters.

my guess would be that they were from closet (begging your pardon) fans attempting to cast aspersion on the people who have had such a long run at making fun of chip and PRS at AandE.

i think that now the divas can attest to the fact that the fanatic following (fans) of these paranormal shows will go to no end to defend them.

unless i had some direct quotes from someone "on our side" equating chip or homosexuality with pedophilia, i'd stop focusing on that angle.

the ghost divas are hilarious, and so is the amateur scientist.

i'm sure the fanatics would dig some infighting. they're fun like that.

Anonymous said...

Personally I just find it funny as shit that you "think" you know who got your profile deleted. You have what, over 1000 friends and you can mark it down to the exact individual. Let's get past the fact that is it MySpace policy to not tell anyone as to whom reported anything. The only notification you get is usually a standard "remove somethign" email warning. But you are never given a name.

Tonya Hacker said...

We have some folks that would be bored and stupid enough to get our stuff removed... but then again. We don't know.

Was it you?

Anonymous said...

Who me? Nahh. I have enough real life drama to hold me over than to get involved in something this juvenile. This whole jealous thing is just good reading for ua all that read it. I'm more curious as to when the Defamation of Character lawsuits and what else can be filed start happening.

I was just stating the fact that this whole pointing fingers at each other is fun to watch. As like I said MySpace does not give out that information. I've read the whole FBI getting involved and that's a hoot! Because you can bet that if they did get involved, they certainly aren't going to tell you anything about it.

Terri Powell said...

um...are you sure it's not Rudy Gulliani? Kinda looks like him..not sure...ugh. that's like, worse, right?

Tonya Hacker said...

It is Rudy :)


We have a good idea to who was involved and why... but thats another blog (maybe) for another time.

As for "deformation of character" um, we don't have to do that. We are just talking about what they are doing in PUBLIC. TV & RADIO, it's PUBLIC. If anyone is potentially charged with deformation of character, it would be the ones doing it in Public.

Ever heard of Brittney Spears? She can sue people because she's a freaking millionaire, ten times or more over. Reality TV ghost stars... um, not so much.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be milionaires to sue. Just ask the lade that didn't realize when she ordered "Hot Coffee" that it would burn her when spilled in her lap. Just ask the person that was sued by the Burgler that broke through their sunlight and fell on a knife that was on their butcher block and WON the lawsuit. Sad but true stories.

You don't need a lot of money, lawyers don't care how much you have. They care about how much they'll get from your lawsuit winnings.

GhostDiva Amanda said...

Let's clear something up about the lady who sued McDonald's. She initially just asked McDonald's to pay her medical bills that resulted from the second degree burns on her inner thighs, which was a result from McDonald's admitting they keep their coffee entirely too hot, because they think it makes the flavor better (if I recall correctly, it was about 150 degrees hotter than required). They refused to pay the doctor bills. They refused to settle out of court. The patron, who was a elderly lady, when she sought out the attorney, was simply trying to get her doctor bills paid. She never imagined that McDonald's wouldn't settle the suit and pay her bills. The jury awarded her the ungodly amount because of McDonald's attitude towards the entire situation and admitted they kept the coffee above and beyond what is necessary to keep a decent hot cup of coffee. I learned the details of this case in Business Law class in college. I have never heard about the lawsuit with the burglar.

And how we can get a defamation of character suit? We plainly stated that the rumor was that Chip Coffey is Sylvia Blackenbleu. R-U-M-O-R. We stated nothing as a fact. Then we found out the picture that is being promoted as Slvia Blackenbleu is actually a picture of Rudi Giuliani. May he should sue the Lipstick show for misusing his picture.

Janice Oberding said...

Defamation of character??? My question, Did Sylvia Brown sue Sylvia Blackenble for defamation of character? If Chip should get the notion to sue wouldn't the burden of proof would be his? Wouldn't he have to PROVE that he is not, and never was, Sylvia Blackenbleu? AND that the Lipstick gloss show didn't use the photo first AND that it was never up on the Myspace profile..