Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fear the Reaper? HELL NO Fear the Ghost Divas!

I guess the verdict is in.. people do fear us.

Fear is a secondary emotion, in this case caused by embarrassment possibly confusion.

It's funny to us that people are fearful of who we are and what we have to say about the paranormal field. Those same people are creating the "power" that so many have claimed that we have. We do not have "power" and we never said or even suggested that we do. The HATERS have created the Ghost Divas... not US. We are nothing more than some mouthy women that think outside of the box when it comes to this field called paranormal research. We came about because we were tired of the lack of common sense in this field... instead.. the Haters have created a mecca of information and resources that are handed to us on a silver platter. Why? Because we ARE NOT ALONE. We are not the only ones that believe that stupidity has NO PLACE in the field of paranormal research. These haters have made a mockery out of of our field of research and we, among others will not stop until people start to THINK TWICE before they do something stupid. That is why we are here, this is what we do. We want people to THINK AGAIN before acting like an idiot then turn around and suggest they are something they are not... like a "scientist" or even a "researcher". We are here because we are not simple minded followers like a lot of people in this field. We among others have a voice, and we use it. The rest of the world expects it and they are privileged to it. We are tired of people dumbing down what we do as researchers. If we do not talk about it.... nobody will ever learn anything nor will they be able to process their own thoughts and opinions about subjects of the "unexplained". The Ghost Divas are not set out to be famous, popular or whatever kind of tag people are placing on us. We have a voice, we use it and it's not our fault that people are uncomfortable with it. If you do not want to read... it's simple. DO NOT READ OR LISTEN TO US!

NOTE: ALL of the Ghost Divas are writers. ALL OF US! It takes us a few minutes to "blog" while in turn... it can take you hours maybe days to build a campaign against us. If you are content with wasting time.. go for it. Hope you and your utterly boring life are happy together. It's NOT normal to fixate on the Ghost Divas. If you are... then you are fucking insane.

Dear Ghost Diva Haters of America- Has it even crossed your simple mind that you are giving us power and acknowledgment with every step you take against us? You are giving us power that we did not ask for with every panic ridden moment that you have felt and dealt? Has it crossed your mind that with every "bad thing" you do to us, more people come forward with new information about the charlatans in this field? Dear Haters... You have Created us. So, what the FUCK are you going to do now?

We have had yet another "blog" removed on myspace...ahem, we know which one it was... and it's okay. It's just funny as hell that some people are genuinely "afraid" or "threatened" with us to the point that they will go out out of their way to get things deleted. What are they afraid of? Someone's opinion? Someone does not like what they do or stand for? Some words, on a blog? Seriously.. put on your big boy or girl underwear. We are nothing more than some mouthy dames that like to write/blog and talk to people about their opinions concerning the paranormal. The "haters" have created a legacy for us... we have had nothing to do with it.

Remember- Once people stop talking about you is when you should get nervous. Ask anyone in Hollywood!

PS- thanks to everyone that is adding us back. Yes, we are requesting friends. If you don't want to be our friend... then DENY our request. It's simple :)


Janice Oberding said...

Great Blog!!

GhostDiva Amanda said...

Very well said! And it was two blogs that were removed.

W00 Con blog said...

Right on! I don't think your haters realize how much they do to feed the fire.

Freya said...

You know it really is simple to make the decision NOT to read someones blog. It's not one of those major decisions that take time, thought, discussion and ultimately a secondary opinion.. Come on, you're not buying a house or car for crying in the mud.

I tell people all the time not to read mine if you don't like my opinions, and sadly this seems to be an extremely hard idea to follow, as I still get 'hate mail' followed by deletion b/c I've offended someone... I wonder if they've ever actually READ my blogs.. LMAO.. I'm rather tedious and lame.. I have a really normal, and mostly boring life! However, from time to time, I do speak about things that I feel I should, and with out fail, I get the emails from those who don't agree. They delete me for not 'changing' my opinions to match theirs.. Oh well, Life goes on.. There's more out there other than MySpace!!

Which Blogs did MySpace remove?

Casperthecutie said...

Amen!! :)

JK said...

You are right on target. People who fear us are people who are insecure, people who lack knowledge, or people who are hanging all of their so-called "scientific" practices on nothing but belief. Opinions that are based upon belief alone don't stand up to scrutiny, experimentation, or truth. And people fear anyone who questions their beliefs.

Xtina said...

I for one thank you ladies for all you do! You have the guts and balls to do things and say things that get you hated. I don't know if I could handle that stress. As for the haters out there, maybe they should actually read one of your blogs or listen to one of your shows. I think they may be surprised to see that you all aren't just blowing smoke out your asses like some people! You actually have something to say that we all need to hear whether we want to or not.

Tonya Hacker said...

awwww thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!