Monday, November 24, 2008


With Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I thought it might be appropriate to address HATE. In recent weeks we have been accused of being haters and homophobes and racists and bigots. But when Mellen came out with her hate mongering blog and insulted us by suggesting we join the KKK and the Skinheads, it’s time to draw the line.

So Mellen and everyone else who has accused us of HATE, this is for you!

There is no group more reprehensible and vile than the KKK. NONE! To tell you the truth, I assumed they’d all just died or gone away. I was shocked to see the television news special with them spewing their intolerance and racial hatred. I was so ashamed of these people I wanted to cry. Innocent children being indoctrinated into a one color world that harbors only hatred for any but its own kind will become adults with twisted hearts and souls. The rage and bitterness dwelling within these people in their horrible hoods frightened me for the people of color I love and hold dear. My beautiful African-American grandchildren, Aleshia and Kayden would be hated on sight by the KKK. So would my adorable Vietnamese/American granddaughter Lauren and my Hispanic grandson Justin. And other family members and friends, all hated because of the color of their skin. This is the 21st century and things are changing. Maybe it is na├»ve, but I hope the members of the KKK will disband and stop hating. I am not the only Diva with a rainbow family; to even suggest that any of us would join the KKK was perverse and ignorant.

But HATE doesn’t stop with skin color. Witness the recent passing of Proposition 8 in California. How dare anyone tell two people they cannot fall in love and get married like the rest of us? One of my friends is the best psychic you could ever hope to encounter. He knows his stuff. He truly does. More than once, I’ve been amazed by his accuracy. He is kind, gentle and well educated. He recently married his longtime boyfriend, before California voters passed the ridiculous Prop 8Congratulations Jason and Michael…
Hopefully the state of California Supreme Court will see Proposition 8 for what it is; an attempt to withhold the same rights straight people enjoy from the gay/lesbian community. If that isn’t HATE, I don’t know what is.

When asked if he thought gays should be allowed to wed, Kinky Friedman said it best—Kinky said “I believe they have as much right to be miserable as the rest of us.”
Don’t know who Kinky is? Google him.

Now to clear up something~~ Those of you who heard me make a joke about a friend photoshopping Barbara Bush’s hair onto Chip Coffey? Guess what! The friend who did the photoshopping is a gay man. A lesbian friend recently started a fine organization for women. Some of you may even be members. Before you start tossing out ridiculous accusations, why not take a look at a person’s friends list.

HATE can be more than just about sexual preference and skin color. Some HATE others because they happen to come from other countries and speak different languages. They call them invaders and complain that the newcomers are bringing Spanish language to our country. Tengo Preguntas! I’ve got some questions: 1) what do you suppose the Native Americans thought of the English speakers who came to Plymouth Rock? 2) Don’t you realize that the pilgrims invaded this country? 3) Do you realize that Spanish is a fascinating language, have you made any effort to learn it? Or are you too busy criticizing those who don’t speak your language?

Thanksgiving and I am thankful for many things. One is the fact that I was raised in a family that had a very diverse group of friends. I was taught at an early age not to judge others because of their sexual preference or that their skin color was different from mine. I was taught to see people for who they are, to explore and to embrace the differences of other cultures that make our world a wonderful place.

Happy Thanksgiving


Tammy Wilson said...

Thank you, Janice!
Yes, it is quite ridiculous to say such ignorant things about us. One of my very dearest friends is a Sanchez, I have two black nephews, and the godfather of my children is gay, so yeah - I'm not racist or homophobic.
You can call us bitches. You can call us cunts. You can rally all your ignorant hillbilly window licking friends against us and hate us all you want. But when you lie and say stupid things that have absolutely no basis in reality, you just look more and more like a jealous dolt. It's not very becoming.

Tonya Hacker said...

Stupid people come in all shapes, colors and sexual orientations.

I am many things but I am not a "hater" of people because of who they are... just how stupid they are. Oh, and just for the record. Being a "redneck" is not a race. It's a personal choice, not a sexual orientation, skin color or religious belief. So, I can call rednecks rednecks aka TRAILER TRASH!

She LIED. I would rather be called many things... but at least I'm not a liar nor do I descriminate.

Xtina said...

First let me say Have a great Thanksgiving!! Now on to the issue at hand. I am not affiliated with any groups nor do I pick sides in any squabbles between the groups I do call friends. So as an outsider looking in I can truly say that I have never heard you ladies talk in a racist manner nor have I ever gotten the impression you all were homophobes. I honestly think the people that say these things don't read your blogs and don't listen to your show but instead believe what they are told by another misguided "friend" and so round and round the circle goes. There are times you all have called people stupid and crap like that, I am not denying that, but in the end it is really just an opinion that you are stating and if someone doesn't like it they are not required to read your blogs or listen to your show. I however will continue to be there listening and reading. Good luck !!!