Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dreamin' of Demons and Lying Through Your Teeth

Wouldn’t it be great if the hypocrisy and ignorance were suddenly lifted from the field of paranormal investigation? If investigations were no longer being conducted from the standpoint of fear, what could we learn? People talking about the threat of demons possessing them and causing them to act out in the most childish of ways aren’t really doing anything other than letting fear possess them.. Demons are no longer chasing people, because people have stepped out of the middle-ages. They’ve given up pursuing unicorns and dragons and the giant who gave old Jack such a rough time atop the beanstalk. The ogre who lived under the bridge waiting to grab innocents is gone and so is the mean witch who cooked sweet little Hansel and Gretel in her cast iron stewpot. The words scientific investigation might mean something other than a load of bullshit intended to impress. Scientific equipment (hahahahahahahaha) might really be something other than some flashy tricked out trinkets meant to impress the gullible.

The people who developed and designed jets did not do so while considering the possibility of demons attacking the jets did they? Have you ever been flying at 20000 or so feet and had the pilot inform you to fasten your seat belt as there was a strong possibility of demon attacks? We all use detergent…Do you doubt that these people don’t know what chemicals remove dirt? Surely they didn’t take into account demons while in the laboratories.
If you’ve ever had surgery you know the paperwork involved. And yet there is no mention of demon attacks in the operating room. And what about hackers, ever heard of any computer network being hacked by demons?

Ghost hunting is not a walk down candy cane lane. The world has its share of hateful, mean spirited people; it stands to reason there’s going to be some hateful mean spirited ghosts. But blaming a demon named Belial for supposed activity, just to pump up ratings is ridiculous. Just as kissing people’s asses to stay on television is ridiculous…Ah, but that’s another blog..


Anonymous said...

LMAO... Love it.. Demons in the operating room? heehee, and the Demons on the plane, that reminds me of Twilight Zone the movie with John Lithgow...
I'm glad y'all are back and that no one will be able to mess with your blogs here! It's going on my favorites!

Kristy Hinkle

JK said...

One question...does Belial carry lube?

Janice Oberding said...

Let's hope he does Tonyak...Otherwise it's like that old Bette Davis line from All About Eve..You know the one about a bumpy ride..