Friday, November 21, 2008

Vampires and Vigilantes

With the coming of Twilight can a shift in the paranormal paradigm be far behind? As black cloaks start selling faster than you can say, “Where’d all the demons go?” vampire chasers will hit the circuit with their tales of blood sucking sons of bitches lurking in every dark corner. And you thought dead time was for demons and ordinary dead folks. It was. As in past tense…Think back. It wasn’t so long ago that ghosts stopped frightening the masses.

At one time every mainstream in the US had ghosts swimming therein. The pilots proliferated. So did television shows. Park your ass Mom and Pop and watch what we do…We chase ghosts. Mom and Pop wised up, formed teams, and bought themselves some equipment. Ghosthunting was a family thing…And it worked. ~yawn~ for awhile.

And then, the scare was gone. Ghosts, who gives a rat’s ass? They’re only ordinary people like you and me with one exception. They are DEAD. How scary is that? Not very. Raise the bar and call in the demons. Now that’s scary. They are Jack the Ripper evil. Ooooh no! Mom and Pop stop shaking in your Birkenstocks. …. All you need is a demonologist. Incoming television shows…They are brave! They chase demons…They challenge them.

As we learn their names and their jobs. As in Belial the demon of sodomy, we realize something. Most of us have never seen, heard or smelled a demon. Except of course on television, the media that makes all things paranormal possible. And so it goes. And now the vampire phenomenon has arrived. Vampires! Now that’s really scary. Forced to live forever, sucking blood and bagging on Bela!

A more recent arrival in the paranormal is the vigilante. And that is really scary. The vigilante is a hater. Make no mistake. A hater who is sly enough to hide behind love and light and let’s do right. A hater who zips out anonymous hate mail, targets those whose opinions differ, and makes a great show of defending the more thin skinned of the community. The vigilante incites hatred and inflames the community all under the guise of unity. Whose idea of unity? The vigilante’s of course. The self appointed enforcer.
Now that is really frightening..


Unknown said...

cause he's such an awesome writer and all - i've read that ryan is "working on" a 'dramatic SCRIPTED' TV show. (as opposed to melodramatic scripted PSBS??)

i wonder if he'll feature vampires in it....

too bad his vampire episode of PSBS was pulled. i read a youtube comment from the guy who invented the "god hat" that was featured on that pulled PS episode that it had to do with the child in the show's father getting a court order to stop the vampire-believing ex-wife / mom to not be able to exploit their child on national TV.

it's so refreshing to hear about at least one sane parent out there in the paranormal state / psychic kids world.

JK said...

The vigilantes are engaging in hypocritical behavior. They damn any behavior they view as attacking others. (Ooohhh....she disagreed with someone who said that she has a fairy under her couch....she is a terrorist.) Then, they launch attacks of their own.

Wah fucking wah. Grow up.

If I want to state my opinion, I'll do it, using whatever words I choose to use, and affiliating with whomever I choose. I've done nothing more than promote critical thinking and common sense, and I'm not going to stop because someone tries to scare me out of it.

If you don't like what we have to say, don't read it. Simple enough.

Go throw your vigilante justice in the direction of something that really matters in the long run. You are wasting your time here.