Saturday, November 22, 2008

Simply Stupid

This was sent to us by one of our many supporters who are watching BLATANT LIES being posted about us EVERYWHERE. ..... Enjoy. Our Comments IN PINK.

From Mellen's recent bulletin...
I wanted to alert everyone to a profile here on MySpace, who is probably one of your MySpace friends as well, stating they're here to enlighten and blog often.
These individual's calibur has been blown-open by their public SUPPORT of the "evil" Divas we all know and despise!!! The profile in question, Free All Spirits! Way to jump in you stupid bitch. Love your new found pair of balls and all, but they are you prepared to lose them? Evil huh?

Be aware, IF you patronize anyone who follows those evil diva wenchs, you're empowering them as all they are TRULY out for is popularity -- if no one heeded them or their "Kool Aid Kid" followers, any attention they'd shoo away like the annoying gnats they are and find a different community to slander, bash, abuse, fill with hate, as well as bred hatred and animosity! (might I suggest the "KKK" or "Skin Heads of America" clubs? Or hey, the Bloods and the Crypts are vying for new members -- I'm mean, I'm just sayin'!)

Wait, that was the longest fucking sentence EVER! KKK? Skin Heads? Gang Members? What a fucking idiot you have grown up to be Mellen. You are PATHETIC for a white girl. Might as well throw that we hate white people in there as well. And having African American Blood in my "cryptic" jeans while being Jewish... um, you are simply LYING.

I'm not just speaking out my arse, I've just blocked this profile and I suggest you do the same (unless you are playing both sides as well -- and welp, it may take me a bit, but I'll discover what you're up to and yea I'll block ya before bulletining a lot in your regard)!

STOP trying to make up the minds of smart people! Keep blocking. Once people get word of your plot to control others.. all your "2000 + closest" friends will be gone. Oh, when someone posts a comment on your profile, they really don't mean it. They are just playing the myspace game. They don't really love you that much and they really don't want YOU personally to "market" their events. Delusion 101


Yeah, WHY!

Well, for starters ....

LIE #1 - THE BIGOTRY MUST END -- poking fun of a personal sexuality is NOT cool... you're setting us back to the stone ages!

Um, Listen here MELLEN. YOU DO NOT KNOW US PERSONALLY. In FACT any ONE Of the Ghost Divas or our "Closest friends" could be or ARE GAY. You are a fucking LYING CUNT that is doing nothing but making shit up. We do not have to defend our feelings towards or against anything. Why? BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW JACK SHIT!!!!!!!!

LIE #2- YOU STATE YOU'RE ABOUT PARA-NEWS -- yet you only blog about ONE clique of people and PRAISE the one clique that is RUINING not just the para-community as a whole but also people's personal lives in the process.

No, we praise a lot of people. You are pissed because we do not praise you. There are MORE smart people out there... and you are NOT one of them. Sorry & too bad for you! Never said we did PARA-NEWS. Bonnie VENT is the fucking Paranormal NEWS DIVA. YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER NEVER BE LIKE HER. (Does that make you jealous Mellen?)

LIE # 3- HYPOCRITICALLY YOU CLAIM NO ONE SHOULD POLICE, YET YOU'RE POLICING, you call others fat when you're not so small yourselves, ahem -- yes, we're ALL aware as to how certain 'somebodies" stretch their pictures via photoshop as to help them appear smaller!

What the FUCK does "policing" and being FAT have in common? SIMPLY NOTHING YOU FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL the Ghost Divas are PROUD that we do NOT have bodies shaped like 12 year old boys. Long Live CURVES! We are PROUD to be "full bodied apparitions" *wink wink* eat a fucking sandwich sometime. Not all "men" are into "little boy bodies" on women.

LIE # 4- BULLYING IS NOT AN OPTION your citing good but using bully'ing tactics as to intimidate all who take offense to your writings -- therefore, YOU are trying to silence others yet grip because you were silenced?

Bully? Nope... didnt you just joing the Paranormal UNITED group where it is BLATANT bullying and self procalimed policing of the paranormal community. I guess a dumb bitch has got to do what a dumb bitch needs to do right? We "bully" you because you WANT US TO. So, here, have some gravy while you eat your fucking crow!

HATE IS HATE AND YOU OOZE WITH HATE! And the Bulletin you are posting is chocked full of love and light? We are the hypocrites??? I will admit it. I just went the FUCK off on you, got the fuck personal with you AND I will say that your HAIR IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Do they not have SALONS where you live? You being an advocate of "homosexuality" do you not have a single gay friend that will tell you that your hair is fucking ridiculously horrible and that you are too old to wear hats? OMG! YOUR FRIENDS SUCK! I totally ADMIT in FULL 100% that I am going the fuck off on your dumb ass. No hypocrites here!

and ...

LIE # 5 YOU STATE YOU BELIEVE IN FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH -- watch you react to this bulletin as if I had no right to post it ... awww, but in your OWN words, I do! Take that pill and swallow it!!!

Okay, I took the pill? I'm waiting for it to kick in... what's it supposed to do? Does it make me think like you? Will it make me "skinny"? Or is it just some kind of pain killer that has a numbing effect on my so called "Simply Mellenchally" puked up life? Which is it?

You WANTED us to repost this bullentin, and you got your wish. It must be lonely over there in your world. Long Live Freedom of Speech is righ on Honey!!!!!!!! I'm expressing mine right now and I am WAY the fuck better at it and I use a lot of F-bombs. Yay AMERICA BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

You're drama-seeking, using haters, who we SERIOUS & CARING para-peeps have NO use for! I'm an not a militia either, I'm simply me and I for one and DONE WITH PEOPLE WHO BASH OTHERS!! Can't say anything nice, trying getting your fat mouths shut for one!!! Hey, I know, IF you're all that you boast you are, trying posting some paranormal evidence to arouse our interests for once.
Betya can't cough anything original up, can ya? Didn't think so!

You may be simply you... um, you got that right! You are DONE with people that Bash others? But wait, you just posted a bullen about the Ghost Divas! So, you only have one bulletin in you? That's it? Pussy!

SERIOUS? CARING? Yeah... keep telling yourself that! You are a wanna be militia, that's way worse than those that can actually be proactive in their militant efforts. You, you just post bullentins and keep telling yourself that your old tired ass is "the pretty girl" in the paranormal field. I will say it again... ANY ONE OF US can lose "wieght" quicker than you can get "smart". Want research.. um, why don't you do some research on us before you speak. Fucking idiot.

PS-Your obvious hatred towards "fat girls" aka the size of AVERAGE AMERICAN WOMEN is getting around my are a disgusting person hiding behind 4 pounds of dead, fried blond hair.


Nope.. TRY AGAIN! We are not going anywhere and YOU can't make us! hahahaha! Simply stupid dumb assed bitch.

Hugs & happy hunting ...


Hugs? YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Xtina said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Now that was a good laugh. Are we supposed to take her seriously? She sounds pretty dam psycho but I guess God Bless America where you can always blog no matter how stupid you sound.

Janice Oberding said...

Welp! She is simply stupid...FYI it is the crips not the crypts. Hey Mellen, rather than snuggling up to a palm tree in your undies, why don't you read a newspaper once in awhile...Welp? Oh wait! You're too busy entering all those internet beauty contests. Then begging your pals to vote for you..That's pathetic!

You claim to be "just me" then why do you continually say "we"? Who elected your silly ass as the spokesperson for "para-peeps"? No one, that's who. You are simply trying to incite hatred against women who think you're ridiculous and aren't afraid to tell you so.

Anyone who reads your silly can see what a hypocrite you truly are..Talking of evidence, where's yours? Other than a palm tree, a two bit tan, a bottle of bleach and a pink pair of drawers, whatcha got?

I'd rather be a fat woman than a skinny skank who desperately wants to be a star. If you had what it took to be a star, you'd already be there.

Tonya Hacker said...

Yeah, she thinks she has some damn "pull" or something? hahahahahha

That's some funny shit right there! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet she wakes her kids up and night with a bottle of pills and a can of comet making them clean the bathroom!

She's fucking PSYCHOTIC!

Yeah, her website is packed FULL of paranormal "research".. where MELLEN is the only "anomaly" in focus. She truly is paranormal. I am having so much fun studying her. She's a freaking twit.

Her "acting"... um, most actresses speak fluently. She sounds like she has a mouth full of moss on a hot day in Florida. She can't even read or do her lines. He "cameo" on Children of the Grave was take 156 on a two liner.. which I personally think the "Ghosts" shut off the freaking camera to shut her the HELL UP!

What a waste. Gives a new meaning to desperate housewives. She is far from the ones seen on TV.
She needs her own TV show where it's nothing more than her walking into glass pane windows and falling asleep under the kitchen table because that's where her pills fell? Welp, it could happen right?

JK said...

We've been ignoring you for quite some time, and we knew this was coming....just like if you ignore a child whining he will typically start to tantrum to get what he wants. (Or she...I don't want to be accused of being fat AND sexist AND racist AND homophobic AND whatever other non-evidence based bullshit you pull out of your ass)

Mellen (because I know you are reading this and LOVING the attention), clearly you have not been getting enough hits on your la-la pink website lately. There are virtually no comments on your forum. Nobody responds to your blogs anymore, no matter what you are writing about. This was nothing more than a desperate cry for attention. People are talking about you, from time to time, and it is never very good. You had the opportunity to make a difference in the paranormal community, and you threw it all away and made nothing more than a mockery of yourself. Frankly, I feel sorry for you. No...wait....I don't feel sorry for you at all. I feel nothing for you. And that's the real problem, isn't it?

I don't even know you, and you've made it YOUR mission to attack ME. You, m'dear, are the hypocrite. Welp, take that pill and swallow it, if you can untangle your arms from around that palm tree long enough to lift a glass to your lips. By the way, was it good for you?

(I'm now waiting for the flood of blogs, bulletins, and hate-filled stupidity to come flowing from your computer that you sit by all day because you don't have a job.....eagerly awaiting the drama and support and attention you feel you deserve. Simply Pathetic.)

Anonymous said...

Seems sort of funny to me that, you guys are getting a lot of attention, not to mention credit for the great things you've done in bringing Lies and Fake evidence into light, not mentioning her name at all and she's posting bulletins about you now? Hrmmm doesn't seem like she is out for attention at all... The pretty girl of the paranormal??? She's not even cute.. What the hell is wrong with her?
Is she so desperate for attention that she has to jump on everything you guys are doing (exposing those shows) and make it about her? Forgive me if I sound stupid, but when was the last time she was on those shows?? Did I miss something?
She is a sad, desperate little child.

BMC said...

Huh -- paranormal celebrity? (read that on her blog!) Never even heard of the chick until now.

GhostDiva Amanda said...

I am not quite sure how we can be called hypocrites when she is accusing of doing things, yet she is doing the exact same thing to us in her bulletin, blog or whatever it was. And I can guarantee anyone listening, we do not call anyone "fat." We had a guest do it once and that guest was not one of the popular guests to ever grace our airwaves. Mellen is not only the hypocrite she accuses us of being, but she is horrible at it. Anyone with any intelligence can see our calling out of bullshit is about bringing integrity to the field and not blowing "unity" smoke up everyone's asses.

YOU STINK said...

You people are PATHETIC, you can't resist starting a fight anywhere you go. You think you're so great and you're doing everyone a favor! What a JOKE! So what you LOUD MOUTH COWS can say what you want, but for anyone to reply to what you say or post you delete the replies. Everyone deserves a right to speak their mind and mindless people like you just want to hide from acusations and the truth.

You are not doing any good nor arre your followers in perpetrating the hate, you talk of stupidity but you all are bad about showing yours. Maybe you should all grow up.

JK said...

We don't delete responses to our blogs (unless they are blatant off-topic spam, that is)

The fight didn't start here, and it didn't start with us. Damn us for defending ourselves if you want, but this really doesn't concern you.

I think you are the one with some growing up to do, quite honestly. Stepping into an argument that doesn't involve you is just ignorant. If it does involve you, you should at least have the balls to use your actual name.

Yes, everyone does have the right to express their opinions. Even us. Especially when this is OUR BLOG!

Have a great day!

Tonya Hacker said...

Dear YOU STINK maybe you are the coward and idiot herself named Mellen aka John Boy.

You are an idiot. There is nothing more to day about you. We will not delete your ignorance... just in case you are Mellen, we want you to keep posting. Really we do. Keep talking about us!

Why? Because it's showing everyone just how Simply Stupid you really are.

GhostDiva Amanda said...

Dear You Stink,

Can you prove we have EVER deleted comments that were nothing more than spam? Of wait, you cannot even prove we existed before last Tuesday because ignorant people like you had our blog deleted. I find it SOOOOOO fucking ironic that people find it okay to come to our blogs, which they hold to be nothing more than drivel or drama, and perpetuate the drama! So tell me, who is the ignorant ones? If what we do is so wrong, then don't read what we have to say. So tell me, You Stink, who is perpetuating the drama here? Us or you? If you were really that against us, you wouldn't have bothered to leave the comments. You wouldn't have felt the need to even bother reading this. You Stink and other people like you crack me the hell up!

As for the Fat Cows comment, really? Can you not find anything else to insult us with other than our weight? How do you know that we don't all have medical issues that perpetuate the weight issue, such as thyroid problems? How do you know that that's not how we all met, in a thyroid support group for overweight sufferers? Being fat is fixable, being stupid is not.

Lastly, if we start fights everywhere we go, then you have obviously never been to physical locations where we have been. Go spout your lies elsewhere, because you name is perfect as it describes you, "You Stink." (Should have thought that one out a little better, huh?

Janice Oberding said...

So what you LOUD MOUTH COWS can say what you want...

Welp, polish my palm tree! You Stink and you seem to have it out for anyone who happens to have some meat on their bones.

if you don't like the blog moooooooooooooove on outta here You Stink, we don't!!!

Anonymous said...

Fat Cow is an oxymoron, fyi. In most cultures, especially Japanese with their Kobe Beef ( "Fat Cow" is ultimately desired. Calling a woman a fat cow, she should turn and thank them.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell that's Mellen in disguise, I guess trying to prove to people that you started this one. I've watched all of these blogs, (even the ones that were deleted) and from where I sit, her name was never brought up, nor was her fake palm tree. People forgot she even existed prior to her little bulletin post. One more thing, she's claiming to be a Celebrity? ummm. To be a celebrity doesn't she have to, oh I don't know; be known?

Tonya Hacker said...

She also has slutty pics of herself posted on her myspace profile. But wait, some yokel rednecks seem to think it's okay since she convinced them that "she did it for a good cause". No she didn't. She publicly admitted they were for her husband. The "cancer calendar" concept came up many months later and there is NO calendar ANYWHERE. No oRGANIZATION linked to her at all. They were fooled once again.

99% of REAL Cancer calendars use women that have survived Cancer. Mellen has not... YET. But she might before the year is out. I wouldnt put it past her to create some big fat lie... again.

Real tribute calendars show women that have accomplished things, from survival to having a spouse/child burdened with cancer.
She just took slutty pics and attempted to justify them. They are not even professionally done.

She's not only a mockery of the field of paranormal investigation she's a disgrace to cancer survivors.

Just an FYI Mellen... been talking with some folks about "this" bulletin and your "paranormal peeps" can't stand you. Anyone with a half of a brain thinks you are dumb as dirt including the people that gave you your "big break" in Hollywood aka Illinois.

Give it up lady... you Simply are Worthless to the community.

You should consider para-porn. They at least pay.